June 2017 Focus

A Fathers Love – From the Senior Pastor – Rev. Jim Toole As young children we “look up” to our father to give us what we can’t give ourselves.  As young adults we look “to” our father for the guidance to discover how we can be who we...

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May 2017 Focus

Honoring Mother by Rev. Jim Toole There are aspects of our being that are our natural characteristics. Two of them not only make up our genders, they are one of the most important “balancing acts” of our existence, spiritual and...

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April 2017 FOCUS

From the Senior Pastor – Rev Jim Toole The Essence of Easter   Eggs will be painted, hidden and looked for by children. Candy in the shapes of rabbits and eggs will be bought and eaten.  Baskets filled with all kinds of goodies will be...

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March 2017 Focus

From the Senior Pastor – Rev Jim Toole Following Your Faith Life is a journey of the exploration and discovery of our spiritual truth.  As we make our way through the circumstances and situations of every day, we begin to develop an...

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February 2017 Focus

Our Mission Statement We are a center of Light open to all. This Light includes healing, education, and inspiration that empowers individuals to progress on their personal spiritual path to find God. We are a gateway of understanding creating...

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