A Message from the President…

Hello and welcome to a new month.  The Board of Directors pays its respects to our friend Mark Roach, noting Brenda’s celebration of his life on September 19.

The Board has remained busy managing our properties, maximizing the Center’s revenue flow, and initiating special projects such as revamping our website for some important improvements.  This month, I also want to spotlight the rental properties that we have available on our beautiful campus. That property information was posted in this month’s Natural Awakenings magazine for September.  We have recently procured several new event rentals.

One example of the Center’s rental properties is Flexer Hall, which recently had its doors repainted by our handyman Ken Buser.  The wood floor, décor and candles create an environment perfect for yoga, tai chi, movement, meditation, a one-on-one meeting, or class. 

The Learning Center has two spaces available for rent: 1) a classroom that is perfect for workshops, classes, meetings and gatherings. Tables, chairs, and a large whiteboard are available and can hold up to 30 people; and 2) a small, secluded room with table, bookcase, and chairs, available for a one-on-one discussion, presentation, or client meeting.

Last but certainly not least, Davis Hall is available for weddings, gatherings, workshops, dances and classes.  The stage allows Davis Hall to be converted into a theater or presentation venue. Below please see the photo of Davis Hall ready for our past Elegant Evening celebration.

We welcome Board member Gary Mantz to the Center’s Education Committee.  In other Education news, please join us for Mary Torrey’s first class series on Psychic Development leading to Mediumship, starting Tuesday, September 7, 14, 21, and 28 on Zoom at 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. EDT (5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. MDT).  Mary is a member of the Sarasota Center of Light’s Ministerial Team, a certified Medium, and a certified Spiritual Healer.  Here is a course created to inspire and encourage you on your spiritual journey. These Zoom classes include handouts. The fee for this 4-week class is $75, at the bargain price of less than $20 per class! Please complete your class registration by going to the Calendar Events page to register  no later than Midnight EDT on Monday, September 6. 

The Center’s Ministry Team is conducting the services in September offering heartfelt spiritual food.  Our special guests in September include medium Marie Lisseman (Sept 5), Rev. AdaRA Walton (Sept. 12), medium Rev. Elaine Kuzmeskus (Sept. 19), and mediums Carolyn Molnar with Ben Gleisser (Sept. 26).  Also, we note the new start time for our Wednesday Spiritual and Vibrational Healing Service: 7:30 p.m. EST, 5:30 p.m. MDT.

As mentioned in past newsletters, we have Secretary and Trustee vacancies on the Board, with each term available to voting members and extending through the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in February 2022. If you were eligible to vote at the last AGM in February 2021, and wish to help our Center’s operations by filling one of those two vacancies, please reach out to me.

I also note Labor Day on Monday, September 6, and pay tribute to the achievements of all of our American workers.  Enjoy the month!
Bob Sadler, Board President (phone 727 4922977)

Please join us for our online Basic Concepts class

Interested in becoming a Sarasota Center of Light Member, or just need a refresher?  Join us for our Basic Concepts class on Zoom, on Saturday, October 2, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. (noon) EST, 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. MDT.  This is the first step towards becoming a member and reaping ALL the benefits of membership at the Sarasota Center of Light.  To register for this FREE class, please click on the link at

A Message from our Minister of Healing

On Sunday, August 29, we heard the upbeat sermon by our guest speaker James Pfleging about happiness in our lives.  It was a great talk that reminded us of the importance of being, feeling, and embracing happiness.

However, at the same time, we do have challenges with COVID-19, and the struggles in the United States and across the world. There are no easy answers other than this.  God gifted human beings with free will.  This means we can make decisions to do what we want to do.   When these decisions cause challenges we pray to God to help us, or those we love.  The truth is, the laws of the universe are written in stone and God cannot play favorites.   What he and his angels can do, and always do when asked…is to comfort us in times of need and pain.

Life flows like a river and maybe we are forgetting the advice to go with the flow – keep safety in mind and always remember the law of cause and effect.

Let’s remember to live in the close connection of God’s laws and we will be happier to live quieter, gentler lives.

Our Healers are here to serve and be available whenever we are called upon. As you know, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, our Sunday and Healing Services are held on Zoom.

However, if you need our Healers to contact you for a healing or emergency, please call the Church Office at (941) 356-6620 and Tina will connect you with a Healer.

Please join us every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. EST (5:30 p.m. MDT) for our new and updated Healing, Meditation, and Connection Services which are more interactive and 1-on-1.

Please be well and care for yourself.

Rev. Lisa

A Message from the Hands of Light        

The Hands of Light Team is looking forward to working closely with the Board and congregation to make sure that your needs continue to be met. For more information, please email Sherry Brune, or call me 478-461-7581.  I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you!     

Sherry Brune, Coordinator 

LaVerne Duff, Co-leader 

Infinite Insights

The Law of Balance sees that everything in your life balances itself out.  For instance, if you have some hard times, you will have some good times.  Everything doesn’t stay in the same trend in your particular experience though you may think so.  It’s just like the rain.  Sometimes you may have a whole week of rain, and then you may have a month of drought.  It balances itself out because Nature knows what it’s doing.  There may be enough rain to let the plants and vegetables survive until the next rain, and that’s the balance of Nature.

People don’t understand this.  They think about what’s going on at a particular time and that’s all they keep in their mind.  The Law of Nature certainly is directed by Infinite Power as well as your life.  Don’t be discouraged if you hit a spot where you feel overburdened with worries and negative things because the tables can turn and everything will get better.  Your attitude will be better.  The vibrations in your heart and mind will be better and before you know it, you will realize that the Law of Nature which is the Law of God, works in a positive way.  You can look forward to improved conditions and opportunities that you expected would be good will come into your life.

Don’t ever get angry at the God Power or the Law of Nature as the God Power.  Always know that when one door closes, another opens.  If you know it and believe it, you just can’t think of giving up when you don’t like what is happening at the moment.  Just know that every day is an opportunity for another door to open.  Sometimes not one door, but more than one door will open.  If you lose one job and are looking for another and then two or three opportunities come along, you have a choice to make.  That is when your clairvoyance has to work because you must feel the vibrations of other people who offer jobs.  You choose what is best.  It isn’t always who pays the most money; it’s the people you will be working for.  We don’t always judge things by dollars and cents.  If you have a good job, a good relationship, there is always a chance for promotion and increase in salary.  Don’t have any fear.

~ You are loved. ~

Publishing Committee

Thanks to all who have purchased our Center of Light’s very special BOOK and CD, co-created with Spirit for your upliftment and expansion. Your support in this way is truly helpful and appreciated during these challenging times. Likewise, the deeply loving and inspirational messages in these spiritually-rich resources have too been helpful to so many. Get yours today.

BOOK $20: Pearls of Light – A Gift from Spirit; Handbook for Awakening the Soul

AUDIO CD $14: The Voices of Spirit – Teachings of the Angels; Famous People – Volume 1

These truly unique and extraordinary collaborative works, inspired and guided by Spirit, were manifested to help us come to understand, and to remember, the nature of our spiritual being and the metaphysics of human life – especially now in a world in great need of positive change. Our true purpose often eludes the human soul in the development of greater awareness and expansion of consciousness. The spiral-bound, paperback book contains nearly 60 inspirationally curated lectures and dialogues from Master Teachers in Spirit, Content topics include Self Awareness, Conscious Understanding of Universal Truth, Awareness of Available Help, and Call to Action. It also contains value-added affirmations, workbook pages, and additional special content for your benefit. The professionally produced audio CD of Rev. Dorothy’s trance work, famous people in this first CD release, is highly recommended for you to experience the energy of these well-known, wise, and loving luminaries and their important messages of love.

Thank you and God bless!

Jen Blecher

Pathway of Love: Commemorative Brick Program

Celebrate your love of our Center by ordering your personalized brick(s) to commemorate a family member, friend, pet, group, business, or special occasion for recognition and thanks as a tribute or in memory of a loved one. Your engraved brick(s) will become part of the new walkway from Davis Hall to the Healing Garden.  Brick purchases will support our financial well-being and growth in the continuation and expansion of services and educational opportunities to our community.  $50 each ($45 for Members) 3 lines – up to 20 characters per line.  Simply print, complete, and send or deliver the Order Form (Go to Store) with payment to the Church Office. Full instructions are located on the form. Honor those you love – show your support – please order your commemorative bricks today!

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