As part of our spiritual family and community I want you to know that you are not alone, you’re loved and I Am/We Are here with you and for you. You are able to send prayer, blessing and healing requests through our contact page on our website or to If there is anything we can do to support you please contact the office at (941)-953-6620 or or Rev. Jim directly at (941)-330-5031 or

Be Well, Be Safe, Blessings
Rev. Jim

Hello out there! I know you’re there :-). Greetings and blessings to everyone. In this time of being physically apart, you are cared about and loved. We are all spiritual family and community. Let us know how we can be of service and support you.

With all of the changes that are occurring in our own personal lives, in our community and our world, it is more important than any other time to reach out and connect. Let us take the time to share our unconditional and boundless love with each other by taking a moment to reach out to one another.

Let’s bridge the social distance by creating the connection of fellowship with each other in whatever way feels comfortable for you. It’s amazing how a simple text, email, short phone call or even a simple card in the mail can make a difference for someone. Let’s be sure to make even more effort than we would if we were together to stay connected.

Although we are limited to the Internet at this time, as a Center of Light we continue to send all the inspiration, encouragement, love and light possible to you through Facebook Live of our celebrations on Wednesday and Sunday, as well as the classes we are offering.

With the Internet being installed at the Center, we are going to be able to share our services and classes with different programs. This would allow some to be a part of our services online and participate in classes differently. If you have an interest in being part of the “congregation online”, please contact me and let me know. We are also planning some “social gatherings” online. We will let you know more about this as it becomes available.

The Board of Directors will be meeting on Tuesday, 8/11 to discuss the ongoing evolution of our Center and the factors relating to when and how we might begin to reopen to the public. Your safety is utmost and in our minds and hearts in these discussions and decisions. We will be sure to keep you informed of any changes.

We care, you matter, you are loved. Let us remember our unity, oneness, our love and light. Let’s take the time to be, share and celebrate the vision statement of Sarasota Center of Light: A World Awakened to the Love and Light of Spirit.

Rev Jim and All Here at Sarasota Center of Light

The Tides of Life by Rev. Jim

We are truly living in a time of transformation. Like the ever-changing tides of the waters of our world, the circumstances and situations on a global level are different each day. It is not about fighting the tide or flowing with it. It is about choosing to be the influence that makes the tides of change what they are.

Like the expression and experience of our lives, the tides ebb and flow from low to high. Sometimes it feels as if life is retreating from us, like the waters of the low tide flowing back into the gulf or the ocean. At times life feels like it’s rushing in over our head like a flood tide.

Our first instinct may be to try to control the waters, like we do our emotions that sometimes seem to be flooding into our lives and washing over us. As with so many things in life, it is not about trying to use force to make things what you want them to be. It is about going to the Source of the cause instead of wrestling with the effect.

Like the moon and it’s lunar energies influences the tides, It is our Spirit, our purpose and passion, that is our source as a catalyst of change. To “be the change you wish to see in the world,” it is key to start with the inspiration and intuition of your soul. This is how the tides of your life can be most powerfully affected.

It is a very important time to look closely at our hearts desires and our soul’s purpose. It feels as if the tides have returned to the oceans of life and the shores of our world are empty and barren. It is up to us how the tides can return to our lives, for each other and for the world.

Although it is admirable to support something you believe in, the changes we need will not occur by fighting for them or wrestling with them. The way we can make the difference that is needed is to BE the difference. This starts with our own intuition and inspiration, fueled by our purpose and passion.

It all begins as it always does, with each of us, right here right now. Let us start today by clearing away the past, letting go of what we’re holding onto so tightly and open to allow our inner knowing and being to change the tides of life.

Let us not only look to our own inner source, our Spirit, let us open as an expression of Source, God, Spirit, the Universe, All That Is, to bring a flood tide of encouragement, loving kindness, inspiration and support For ourselves, each other and for the world.

Rev. Jim

President’s Message

As President of the Board of SCOL it is not my duty but is also my joy and my pleasure to update you on what your Board of Directors is doing.

It seems like during this period there would be nothing to do. On one level this is true. On another level it is a very exciting time!

We have been able to take on a couple projects that would have been difficult in normal times. One of these is we are nearly complete with a total remodel of the foyer/entrance to the Sanctuary. The entrance had always been cluttered and not inviting and certainly not a place to remember with a good first impression.

This area has been redone floor to ceiling and it is turning out to be beautiful. I am excited for all of us to be able to get back into the church to be able to experience this warm and “neat” reception area. I am not going to describe it in detail I’m going to leave it for you to experience.

Another area we made some – less obvious – but just as important – major additions; is the area of Wi-Fi on our campus.

In the past we have had a tiny bit of Wi-Fi coming into the office similar to what you might have in your home. It was not capable of handling the type of programming which we have been “scheduling” from the Center.
With our new addition of Wi-Fi capabilities, we will be able to program many things including an integrated music programing.

We will have Wi-Fi capabilities both for receiving, and for sending in all major buildings on the campus. This is a huge addition that will be used not just during this period but also by our Center in years to come.

This is called, “Catching up with some of the large centers in the country.” It will make getting our unique message out to the public not only easier but actually possible as we really start using this capability.

Some of you may not even be aware but in the old foyer to the main Sanctuary we had a “lending library” that covered one entire wall. This library has many unique volumes on the topics that relate to healing and mediumship. We realized that although this library was right out in the open the usage on it was nearly nonexistent.

Where do we move the library? That is been a huge question.
One of the very strong recommendations is to move it into one or more of the seldom used rooms in the Learning Center and then use the other rooms for the sale of associated items and possibly open the Learning Center for coffee-AND after every service and then use Davis Hall only for special events.

How this will be configured is all up in the air.

There are couple of people very interested in working on – – – if you have any interest in this area please stay in touch with the board or let us know now because we will be starting to look at this as soon as we have some kind of schedule for reopening the buildings.

This new use of space should be very exciting for SCOL as we eventually reopen as a fully functioning church/center.

Gerry Greig


Virtual Online Services, Classes and Safety Continue
at Sarasota Center of Light

Sarasota Center of Light continues to maintain a focus of your safety and well-being in August. We are monitoring the ever changing activities in our community and state and watching statistics and guidelines as we make decisions related to the reopening of the Center. Please let us know how we can support you during this ever changing time we are all in together.

Our classes and services are currently scheduled to continue online. We have been offering our classes on Facebook live as a public service at no charge. Thank you for your participation in our services and classes. Be sure to share them to spread the inspiration to as many as possible. We will immediately email and Facebook any changes that may occur at the Center.

Aug. 8, Saturday, What is my Truth? With Rev. Jim Toole at 11:00 a.m.
Enjoy an interactive and experiential workshop on exploring, discovering, recognizing, embracing, embodying, experiencing and living your truth. Learn about “the simple truth”, universal truth and how to navigate all the information bombarding you every day affecting how you are your truth. Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

Aug. 13, Thursday, Meditation in a Troubled World with Rev. Jim Toole at 7:00 p.m. Be a part of an informative and beneficial workshop offering both simple and powerful explanations of meditation and its benefits. Learn various simple and advanced methods and techniques of meditation that will help you live a more aware, awakened, peaceful, healthy and joyful life as you experience all the changes happening in the world today. Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

Aug. 17, Monday, Living Consciously with Rev. Jim Toole at 7:00 p.m.
Join us for a workshop that will explore what it means to be conscious and live consciously. Explore simple and more advanced methods of being aware of, elevating and expanding your consciousness to create more clarity, freedom and fulfillment in your experience of you and your life. Learn how to choose, act and interact consciously in today’s continuously changing living landscape. Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

Aug. 20, Thursday, Self-Identity and the Image You Portray in Life with Rev. Jim Toole at 7:00 p.m.
Explore, discover, embody and learn to live as your True Self. Learn and practice inspirational and practical techniques of spiritual self-discovery and expression. Be your integrity and authenticity every day in world constantly challenging your view of you. Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

Aug. 27, Thursday, Developing Self-Love and Acceptance with Rev. Jim Toole at 7:00 p.m.
Be a part of an open and intimate workshop exploring what it means to love and accept ourselves, our lives and the world around us. Learn to release limitations and barriers, while creating openings and awareness of a deeper knowing of your perfection and innocence. Discover your true love within and how to live open hearted in a world filled with constant changes. Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

Infinite Insights

The Law of Balance sees that everything in your life balances itself out. For instance, if you have some hard times, you will have some good times. Everything doesn’t stay in the same trend in your particular experience though you may think so. It’s just like the rain. Sometimes you may have a whole week of rain and then you may have a month of drought. It balances itself out because Nature knows what it’s doing. There may be enough rain to let the plants and vegetables survive until the next rain, and that’s the balance of Nature.

People don’t understand this. They think about what’s going on at a particular time and that’s all they keep in their mind. The Law of Nature certainly is directed by Infinite Power as well as your life. Don’t be discouraged if you hit a spot where you feel overburdened with worries and negative things because the tables can turn and everything will get better. Your attitude will be better. The vibrations in your heart and mind will be better and before you know it, you will realize that the Law of Nature which is the Law of God works in a positive way. You can look forward to improved conditions and opportunities that you expected would be good will come into your life.

Don’t ever get angry at the God Power or the Law of Nature as the God Power. Always know that when one door closes another opens. If you know it and believe it, you just can’t think of giving up when you don’t like what is happening at the moment. Just know that every day is an opportunity for another door to open. Sometimes not one door, but more than one door will open. If you lose one job and are looking for another and then two or three opportunities come along, you have a choice to make. That is when your clairvoyance has to work because you must feel the vibrations of other people who offer jobs. You choose what is best. It isn’t always who pays the most money, it the people you will be working for. We don’t always judge things by dollars and cents. If you have a good job, a good relationship, there is always a chance for promotion and increase in salary. Don’t have any fear.

~You are loved.~

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