August Focus Newsletter 2021

August Focus Newsletter 2021

Hello and welcome, from your Board President.  We offer thanks to the large number of individuals who offered their love and support during and after our Sunday, August 1 service on ZOOM featuring world-renowned medium Jackie Wright and Andy Jennings, with his spirit guide Grey Eagle. We look forward to hosting all three of them again in the near future. 

Sound Healer Robert Austin presented his Crystal Tibetan Bowl Concert on Friday, July 30.  What a wonderful experience! 

In August, we have two more classes taught by our Associate Minister, Mary Torrey.  Mary is a member of our Ministerial Team, a certified Medium, and a certified Spiritual Healer. Mary’s class, Numerology: The Mystical Relationship between Numbers & Your Life Class is coming up on Monday, August 9 and Monday, Aug. 16, from 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time.  Numerology is the study of the spiritual qualities of numbers and letters.  There is a story in every number, and it tells a story about YOU.  This class includes the tools you will need to examine your life through EASY numbers to calculate.  The fee for this 2-week, 4-hour class is $50.  You can register for this course on the calendar page of the Center’s website

Also, be watching your email inbox for an important announcement about Mary Torrey’s 3-class series in the fall — Psychic and Mediumship Development.  Mary has taught these Psychic and Mediumship Development classes in the Denver area for the past 10 years.   The first class in this 3-class series starts on Tuesday, September 7th.

As you undoubtedly know, this has been a time of many changes at our Center.  Noting recent surges in COVID-19 infections due to the delta variant, we apologize for having to keep our doors closed to in-person services.  This of course has resulted in reduced donations. For credit card donations, please call the office 941-953-6620 between 9:00 am-12:00 pm, Mon. – Fri., or on the our Donate page or you can mail a check to the office, 2710 Browning Street, Sarasota, FL 34327.

Our ZOOM services, however, have been increasingly successful and we now welcome a congregation not only locally but also internationally.  The Center’s Ministerial Team and our guest speakers and mediums will conduct the services in August offering heartfelt spiritual guidance. 

For the sake of transparency, we note that our Board has experienced some unexpected challenges.  Regrettably, Jeff Lambert, our long-time Board Treasurer, resigned from the Board with a 3-day notice.  Cindy Gourley moved from her 2-year Trustee appointment to fill the Treasurer vacancy and we express our gratitude to her as she steps up to accept a crucial new set of responsibilities. 

Also, Sherry Brune has been experiencing some recent health challenges and therefore, on her doctor’s advice, resigned from her Board Secretary position.  We wish Sherry healing and the best of luck on her recovery.  

Enjoy the month!
Bob Sadler, Board President (phone 727 4922977)

A Message from our Minister of Healing…


What do we do when crisis involuntarily comes crashing into our life bringing with it repercussions that go beyond anything one thought would occur in our lifetime.  Our Church, now in its mid-seventies is no stranger to challenges.

This ‘PERFECT STORM’ called Covid-19 and its new variants, not only affected our country but also our beloved Church.  No longer were we able to meet together in person for our services, we also had to cancel healing sessions, Psychic Saturday, counseling and mediumship readings.  Many other churches will never reopen due to lost revenue and unpaid leases.

So, we did what Metaphysicians do in a time of transitional happenings.  We put our best foot forward and dove into the new era of ZOOM Church Services! 

As time went by we made new friends who are spread across our country and even abroad.  Amazing teachers have approached us to ask to teach exciting classes and we are working hard for a great line up right thru 2021 and beyond.

When life is falling apart and the future is unknowable, that time is when we place our FAITH and trust in God and his Angels to guide us to be strong and courageous in action.

Please go to our Calendar or our Facebook page to check in on our ZOOM service log-in details and to catch up on the latest information.


Rev. Lisa

Volunteer Help Always Welcome…please join us! 

We are looking for qualified volunteers who can assist the Center in any of the following needs to help our Center’s operations.  Please reach out to Bob Sadler, Board President, using the contact information below. all are welcome even you have even a few hours to volunteer, and even if you attend but are not a member:

Gardening; landscaping

Web design


Light building repair

From the Minister of Healing

Our Healers are here to serve and be available whenever we are called upon. As you know, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, our church Sunday and Healing Services are held on ZOOM.

However, if you need our Healers to contact you for a healing or emergency, please call the Church Office at (941) 356-6620 and Tina will connect you with a Healer.

Please join us on our new and updated Healing, Meditation, and Connection Service on Wednesday, which is more interactive and 1-on-1.

Please be well and care for yourself.

Infinite Insights

Make your love timeless in your heart. Be the love in all that you are. Love is the vehicle of the divine. Your heart speaks true of your divinity. Let love be the vehicle, soft and gentle, allowing us to work with you to bring forth the essence of your divinity.

– You are loved. –

Publishing Committee

Thanks to all who have purchased our Center of Light’s very special BOOK and CD, co-created with Spirit for your upliftment and expansion. Your support in this way is truly helpful and appreciated during these challenging times. Likewise, the deeply loving and inspirational messages in these spiritually-rich resources have too been helpful to so many. Get yours today at Store.

BOOK $20: Pearls of Light – A Gift from Spirit; Handbook for Awakening the Soul

AUDIO CD $14: The Voices of Spirit – Teachings of the Angels; Famous People – Volume 1

These truly unique and extraordinary collaborative works, inspired and guided by Spirit, were manifested to help us come to understand, and to remember, the nature of our spiritual being and the metaphysics of human life – especially now in a world in great need of positive change. Our true purpose often eludes the human soul in the development of greater awareness and expansion of consciousness. The spiral-bound, paperback book contains nearly 60 inspirationally curated lectures and dialogues from Master Teachers in Spirit, Content topics include Self Awareness, Conscious Understanding of Universal Truth, Awareness of Available Help, and Call to Action. It also contains value-added affirmations, workbook pages, and additional special content for your benefit. The professionally produced audio CD of Rev. Dorothy’s trance work, famous people in this first CD release, is highly recommended for you to experience the energy of these well-known, wise, and loving luminaries and their important messages of love.

Thank you and God bless!

Jen Blecher

Pathway of Love: Commemorative Brick Program

Celebrate your love of our Center by ordering your personalized brick(s) to commemorate a family member, friend, pet, group, business, or special occasion for recognition and thanks as a tribute or in memory of a loved one. Your engraved brick(s) will become part of the new walkway from Davis Hall to the Healing Garden.  Brick purchases will support our financial well-being and growth in the continuation and expansion of services and educational opportunities to our community.  $50 each ($45 for Members) 3 lines – up to 20 characters per line.  Simply print, complete, and send or deliver the Order Form (available at with payment to the Church Office. Full instructions are located on the form. Honor those you love – show your support – please order your commemorative bricks today!

August 2021 Class Reminders

Numerology: The Mystical Relationship between Numbers & Your Life Class on Monday, August 9 and August 16 from 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.  The fee for this 2-week, 4-hour class is $50. 

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