August Focus Newsletter 2018

August Focus Newsletter 2018

The Dynamic Flow of Change by Rev Jim Toole

It seems the one thing many people resist, and is constant in the world, is change. There is a general belief that change only occurs when you make it happen. Powerful transformation happens when you follow the natural flow of your being and connect with the dynamic of change.

It may appear at times that our external circumstances and situations control our lives and what we experience. All our choices, actions and their results emerge from within. Change is an inside job.

More accurately, change is the reflection of the essence of life, as your soul, in and through your perceptions, circumstances and relationships into your life. It is the energy of your Spirit showing up, again and again as the expression and experience of you.

This is the flow of the influence of your true self bringing illumination and clarity of your purpose to your awareness. By focusing on what is being revealed, you are able to be better in touch with your own intuition and inner guidance more fully. Choosing to feel, sense and follow this innermost presence of you, becoming your outermost expression, you are aligning yourself with your highest and best inspiration for change.

As this light and energy moves through your mind, emotions and body, it brings awakening and knowing to your thoughts, feelings and actions. You become your souls purpose expressed in the activities of your daily life. Everything you choose to do or be is in alignment with your spiritual truth. It is you living inside out.

Living this way being shifts away from making it happen to allowing it to be. Rather than working at it or struggling with it you become the dynamic of change. Change for the highest good, not based on circumstances or situations but on the truth and purpose that you are.

You are Spirit expressing as human in conditional reality. Trust the natural reflection of your souls light and vibration and allow yourself to become the flow that is change. Embody this flow as the totality of your being, Becoming The Dynamic Flow of Change in your life.

President’s Message

Have you felt the shift at SCOL? The air is lighter, the sun feels brighter, the laughter is deeper, and optimism fills the Sanctuary. Thanks to all of you for bringing your loving Spirit to services, to volunteer work, to educational opportunities, and most importantly —-to one another.

Leadership is an admirable quality and it manifests in many different forms. We often think of leadership as the role a person assumes. However, let’s consider the definition of leadership as: One life influencing another. With that definition in mind, every one of you is a leader and SCOL is flourishing because of you.

On a more practical level, we are so grateful to have a new roof on the Sanctuary as we go through a gusty rainy season. To date, we have raised $4,300 towards the $12,000 needed for roof repairs. A quick calculation shows we still need $7,700 to cover this expense. Your generosity in the past is greatly appreciated. Please continue to care for your spiritual home. We will be having more fun fund raisers in the future…..stay tuned!

The Board wishes to extend its appreciation and gratitude to all of our healers. At a recent healers meeting, Revs. Jim and Lisa led a discussion on our desire to strengthen our healing team. We thank Robin Washburn for stepping forward to become our new Healing Team Coordinator.

Sending Joy and Peace to you,
Joan Volpe

August Birthdays:
Harriet Loftus 7
Gary Thomas 11
Karen Werley 26
Elizabeth Adams 28
Bruce Seiden 30

Welcome to our New Members!

We welcome the following members into the family of Sarasota Center of Light:

Inducted in July:
Margaret Estes
Heather Neeley
Bob Neeley
Milagros Scalise
Brenda Viola

Bylaw Review Committee

The Board’s Bylaw Review Committee is revisiting our Bylaws that serve the Center’s unique needs and guide how we do business. The Committee obtained members’ input through two Workshops on April 15, and a written Questionnaire submitted by members who chose to provide their input on the Bylaws. The Board and Committee thanks each Member who took the time to submit their Questionnaire by the May 13 deadline. The Committee is continuing to review those completed Questionnaires and developing potential Bylaw changes, as the next step in the process. Any changes to the Bylaws would be first reviewed by the Board, and then presented for approval by the voting membership at a future Special Meeting or the Annual Meeting.

If members wish to provide further input or have questions, please reach out to Bob Sadler, Committee Chair (email or any of the other Committee members.

Vice President’s Message

SCOL is gifted with a talented cadre of dedicated volunteers who continually accomplishes labors of love in various ways from greeting and ushering to working on committees and teams for the greater good of us all. They deserve our respect and much gratitude for keeping our community in the forefront of Metaphysical Spirituality on the Suncoast.

Do you have spare time and creative energy to offer us in a volunteer capacity? Then be assured that you are a blessing waiting to happen! We are a Center of Light and that means you can put your talents to great use! In the summertime, a relaxed pace can be deceptive; there is plenty to be done as we gear up for an exciting Autumn just around the corner. We would love to help you find the right committee or team to match your interests and abilities as we accelerate our progress.

Please contact myself or Board Secretary Rev. Marie Rowe in person or via the church office with details of your availability. We will be pleased to talk with you!

Many Blessings,
Gary Mantz
SCOL Board Vice-President

August Classes, Workshops, and Events

August 1st, Wednesday, Healers Healing Healers, 6:00pm, Sanctuary.

August 2nd, Thursday, Your Soul Purpose Workshop with Carolan Carey. 7:00-8:30pm Learning Center, $20. Learn to balance family life, soul purpose, education and careers without losing your mind. Bring a notebook to jot down your thoughts and ideas.

August, 4th,Saturday,Psychic Saturday, 10:30-1:00pm, 15 minute Readings – $20. Vibrational Healing – love donation. Gift certificates available. Davis Hall and Flexer Healing Chapel.

August 5th, Sunday, Spiritual Talk Series on Change (this week ‘The 3 C’s of Change) with Rev. Jim at both services. Coffee Hour, Davis Hall after am & pm services.

August 6th, Monday, Intermediate Mediumship with Rev. Jim. 7:30-9:00pm, Chapel, $15. An 8 class series every Monday through Sept. 24th. Please contact Rev. Jim to attend.

August 11th, Saturday, Running on Empty? Raise Your Vibration with Brenda Viola. 11:00am-1:00pm, Davis Hall, $20. An interactive and fun class to provide an opportunity for self-reflection in seven key areas of life that can affect your energy level.

August 12th, Sunday, Spiritual Talk on Change (this week ‘Being Change’) with Rev. Jim at both services.

August 13th, Monday, Board Meeting, 5:00pm, Office. Sarasota Center of Light member only. Please call the office to reserve a seat.

August 19th, Sunday, The PowerShift Principle Workshop with Tamara Vaughn. 1:00pm-3:00pm, Sanctuary, $30 – Receive a free copy of her book The PowerShift Principle. This workshop is based on eight principles designed to assist participant in Shifting the Power from the external world to the inner realm of the mind, soul and spirit.

August 26th, Sunday, Music and Messages at the evening service, 7:00pm, Sanctuary. Music selections by Mike Markaverich. Mediums will offer Spirit messages between performances. All are welcome

Fridays, Developing Consciousness with Rev. Jim, 6:00-7:15pm, Ed. Center, $10 love donation. Enjoy a time of connection, checking in with each other, discussing spiritual topics and joining in a channeled meditation. All are welcome.

Ed Team

In keeping with our Mission statement, SCOL is a center of Light that empowers individuals to progress on their personal spiritual paths. One essential way to achieve this purpose is through education. SCOL offers workshops and classes throughout the year that deepen our understanding of metaphysical principles and offer practical ways to apply these principles to our everyday lives.

The Summer Series has been very successful and we are pleased that so many members and newcomers have participated in the class/workshop offerings. August portends to be equally as exciting and inspirational. Starting with a workshop on Your Soul Purpose, offered by Carolan Carey, on August 2nd and continuing with the ongoing series, Enhancing Your Intuitive Skills, presented by Rev. Marie Rowe, the Education program is enriched with possibilities for spiritual development. Learn how to protect yourself from burnout by attending Brenda Viola’s workshop, Running on Empty?, on August 11th.

Rev. Jim will be starting the Intermediate Mediumship classes on August 6. Please note, these classes have been moved to a Monday evening. A special event will be offered on August 19th by Tamara Vaughn who will serve as a visiting minister for the morning service followed by a workshop, The Power Shift Principle, that afternoon.

The Education Committee is very pleased to offer such a wide variety of educational opportunities. We hope you will join us.

Wishing you the best always,
Joan Volpe, Chair

Hands of Light

WOW! What a BLAST, we had at our 4th of July Coffee Hour. This month’s Coffee Hour will blast us again to good, “eats”, good conversation, and many smiles 
Please join us, for our August Coffee Hour in Davis Hall, after AM and PM Services, on August 5th. ( Coffee Hours are held after both services, on the 1st Sunday of the month ).
Hands Of Light

Healing Ministry

The first Wednesday, August 1st, is dedicated to Healers Healing Healers in the Sanctuary at 6:00pm. All Certified Healers and student healers are invited to join us for this special time set aside for us to receive the gift of healing and to replenish our bodies and souls.

We are excited to announce and congratulate LaVerne Duff, Linda Viddish, Mila Scalise and Gerry Greig for receiving their Healing Certificates in July. There are several others who are completing their certification requirements and will be receiving their certificates soon. We had a wonderful healing team meeting July 15 and would like to congratulate Robin Washburn as our new Healing Coordinator.
Our Healing Team is here to support you in your health and well-being. Whether you are facing a physical challenge or otherwise, we are here for you in your daily life. Do not hesitate to call upon us to be there with you and for you in what you seek to create and express. We are always available to send energy, healing and inspiration.
Anyone who would like to receive healing may call or email the Center office or go to the contact page of our website and request healing for themselves or someone else. This can be in the form of absent healing or in person. In the case of absent healing, our group of healers will be notified and will work together to send healing to each individual or situation. Rev. Lisa Johnson oversees this process. Our healers are dedicated to be there with the healing you need. Someone is always there for you.
The first Wednesday, August 1, is dedicated to Healers Healing Healers in the Sanctuary at 6:00pm. All Certified Healers and student healers are invited to join us for this special time set aside for us to receive the gift of healing and to replenish our bodies and souls.

Blessing Bowl

Each month on the second Sunday at both services and at the Wednesday Candlelight service, a special collection is made to benefit a charitable organization. The total collected in July was $202 for Mothers Helping Mothers.

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