Creating Through Connection

Creating Through Connection

Every day we have unlimited opportunities to create not only our experience within, we are able to influence and affect the situations and conditions of our lives. As a result, we have literally chosen to draw to ourselves and manifest everything we have around us. We also determine our perception of what is in “our own little world” based on our thoughts, feelings and responses to it.

Although it seems at times “life isn’t fair” or the circumstances we are going through seem more like a punishment than a lesson, each aspect of our experience is helping to direct and guide our purposeful expression. Sometimes it’s not always easy to see, and yet, if we stay true to what we know is real and right, “life” turns out to be just as it’s meant to.

Something that is always active is the creation connection. There are a few different ways that this dynamic plays a role, or we play a role in it, in our lives. The first connection that is necessary is to yourself.  The awareness of the essence of our being, our presence within. It is vital for creation that we are not only aware, but Being the Love and Light of our Spirit in all things. This is the “beginning and end” of creation.

The second connection that actually creates co-creation is our relationship with Spirit. It seems most beliefs, no matter what they are, look “above and beyond” for this. By recognizing, accepting and choosing to BE Spirit, the separation between “here and there” disappears. We are one with and a perfect and powerful reflection of Spirit, God, All That Is.

It would seem as if those two connections would be enough until we realize “where two or more are joined, therefore I AM”. The third connection is as important as the first two. It is our recognition and acceptance that each and all of us, together as one, are the infinite, unlimited and eternal expression of life that dramatically multiplies and expands the influence and impact Spirit IS in our lives and the world.

Open to and embrace the beauty and splendor of your Spirit within. As you feel it, know it and choose to BE it, you will see one another in its unconditional Light and Love, releasing judgment and separation, remembering your unity. Share who you are with one another and the reflection of Spirit, God, All That Is, will BE the Creation Connection in the lives of each, all, and the world.

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