A Message from our President…

Hello and welcome to the holiday season.  We  take this opportunity to wish you  season’s greetings from the entire Board of Directors.  We on the Board are so appreciative of all of the hard work completed over the last year by our Ministerial Team, Education Committee, and the Hands of Light.  The holiday is a time of celebration and bonding with family, friends, and our beloved pets too.  And stay tuned for the rollout of our new website 

Let me tell you about several events this month and in January 2022.  The Sarasota Center of Light is pleased to welcome back renowned medium and teacher, Vincent Genna after his highly successful fundraiser last month. Vincent will be delivering a special Holiday Message on Zoom Wednesday, Dec. 22nd.  7:30 p.m. EST, 5:30 p.m. MST.

Looking ahead to the new year,  we announce a Manifesting 1, 2, 3 and You Don’t Need #3  Workshop by best selling author, Ken Elliott.

This 2-hour workshop will be held Sat. January 8, on Zoom from 12 p.m. (noon) – 2 p.m. ET, 10 a.m. – Noon MT.  Our teacher, Ken Elliott, will reveal something never written about and fully explained until now.  You will discover what your thoughts have been creating, how Manifesting and Creation work, (the REAL Secret) and you will come away with an empowering script to start making changes in your life beginning now!  The Manifesting 123 workshop will clearly explain how our thoughts actually begin to take form in the non-physical realm and then flow into our physical world.  This is a great way to start the new year!

The Center’s Ministry Team is conducting the services on ZOOM in December offering heartfelt spiritual food.  Our special services in December include Rev. Celeste Elliott (Dec. 12),  the return of Jackie Wright along with a blessing and prayer from Grey Eagle (Dec. 19), and the return of Rev. Bill Patridge (Dec. 26). Also, we again note the new start time for our Wednesday Spiritual and Vibrational Healing Service: 7:30 p.m. EST (5:30 p.m. MDT).

Message from the Hands of Light

Hands of Light Meeting

Dec. 12, 2021

Immediately after 11 AM ET (noon MT) Sunday service

The Hands of Light, (HOL), team invite you to join us after the December 12, Sunday service for a short meeting. The link to join the meeting is the same link that we’ll be using for the Sunday service, so you do not have to log back in.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet other congregants and HOL members as we get ready to work on our campus, help with outreach services, and prepare for re-opening to in-person services in the future.

Even if you don’t live in or near Sarasota, there are ways you can contribute to the activities that we plan and carry out. Please consider joining us to learn more. LaVerne and Sherry are looking forwarding to seeing you there!                          

HOL Team Leaders — Sherry Brune,, LaVerne Duff

Minister’s Corner

Wishing you all the best of holiday blessings and good cheer. It is hard to believe that we are still separated in person.  I so miss the hugs and greetings at the door as we all gather for our services. Sad to miss our divine light service with it’s candlelight and messages for the new year. How we would linger afterwards in the lobby comparing messages before we went our separate ways to celebrate the holidays.

As metaphysicians, we are taught to look for the silver lining, so we are offering on December 22, a Holiday Service in a slightly different way to celebrate and continue our traditional service with Vincent Genna.  Details will be offered on your constant contact e-mails, Facebook and the website

We now have members from all over the world joining our Sarasota Center of Light.  We can’t wait for us all to meet and continue our journey of spiritual teachings and fellowship.  Our calendar of guest speakers for 2022 is full of amazing guests who have approached us to invite them, so our Education Committee has been hard at work arranging schedules.

To quote Matthew 18.20, Yeshua speaks of what we can achieve when two or more join together, we then create an ethereal gestalt. The Law of Light allows us the ability to safely follow our spiritual practices.

Wishing you all love, please join with us and enjoy your holiday.

Blessings, Rev. Lisa

From the Minister of Healing

The Sarasota Center of Light wants to thank our team of healers that have worked so hard this past year.  We were all faced with the challenge of not having the availability to work from our church with the beautiful Wednesday evening candlelight service.

God always finds a way for his work to be done and our spirit master teacher came in and showed us the way of the future “distant” healing.  This was taught in the mystery schools of the Essences in which Jesus himself was taught.

We have had amazing results and can’t wait for the new year to organize our healers into groups to work with us in this new modality. Combining our healing mission to expand has been a dream for many years and with your help can now become a reality.

Wishing you all a great holiday and please let me know if you want to join our team in 2022.  We will also be starting the basic healing class next year, leading to full certification.

Blessings. Rev. Lisa

An  Opportunity to Support our Center!

We have started a new donation opportunity which is begin announced at our services and makes it easier for you to offer financial support  using cell phone technology.  The process is SO easy – using your cell phone, please text the word Sunday to (202) 858 – 1233 and follow the prompts to complete your secure donation of whatever amount you can afford.  Your heartfelt offering using this GiveButter secure system can be either a one-time donation or a recurring payment.

Infinite Insights

Christmas is an excellent time to draw close to the Light which represents Divine Intelligence, Spiritual Illumination, and Love.  The Light which led the Wise Men is symbolic of the Divine Light which is ever present everywhere.  You need only to look upward to sense the Presence which is all-powerful.  If you choose to look downward, you will recognize only shadows – the effects of your shortcomings, mistakes, and instances of bad judgment.  When you look upward, you will see the Light which is the source of all your energy, your power, and all things right and good.  As you follow that Light, as the Wise Men followed the Star of the East, new doors will open to you and yet greater blessings will enter your environment.  Higher thoughts and vibrations will enter your consciousness also.  Once you realize where in lies your help and your strength, give praise and show gratitude for that power. 

As Christmas Day draws nearer, be filled with vibrations of love, giving, serving, and sharing.  Shortly thereafter, you’ll enter a new year of opportunity.  Expand your consciousness; don’t deny yourself any of the help available to you, invisible though it may be.  It is ever powerful.  It is the LIGHT that can brighten your heart as well as your pathway.

– You are loved. –

Publishing Committee

Thanks to all who have purchased our Center of Light’s very special BOOK and CD, co-created with Spirit for your upliftment and expansion. Your support in this way is truly helpful and appreciated during these challenging times. Likewise, the deeply loving and inspirational messages in these spiritually-rich resources have also been helpful to so many. Get yours today at

BOOK $20: Pearls of Light – A Gift from Spirit; Handbook for Awakening the Soul

AUDIO CD $14: The Voices of Spirit – Teachings of the Angels; Famous People – Volume 1

These truly unique and extraordinary collaborative works, inspired and guided by Spirit, were manifested to help us come to understand, and to remember, the nature of our spiritual being and the metaphysics of human life – especially now in a world in great need of positive change. Our true purpose often eludes the human soul in the development of greater awareness and expansion of consciousness. The spiral-bound, paperback book contains nearly 60 inspirationally curated lectures and dialogues from Master Teachers in Spirit. Content topics include Self Awareness, Conscious Understanding of Universal Truth, Awareness of Available Help, and Call to Action. It also contains value-added affirmations, workbook pages, and additional special content for your benefit. The professionally produced audio CD of Rev. Dorothy’s trance work, famous people in this first CD release, is highly recommended for you to experience the energy of these well-known, wise, and loving luminaries and their important messages of love.

Thank you and God bless!

Jen Blecher

Pathway of Love: Commemorative Brick Program

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