February Focus 2018

February Focus 2018

Living As Love by Rev. Jim Toole


As Valentine’s Day approaches there will be lots of people using candy, cards and other ways to express their love, share their love and look for love.  Many will be “looking for love in all the wrong places.”  Although a heart shaped box of chocolates is delicious and can be a romantic gift, True Love is found in the Divine Heart.

In today’s world, many will say what is more important than anything else is to give and receive love.  So much effort is made every day to find ways to “fall in love,” to find “the love of my life,” to find the person that “completes me.”  Love is not something that needs to be pursued or found. Love is what we truly are “at heart” and is our connection between each other.

The only place we have to look is within and then let go.  When we take our focus off of what we think we want or the way it has to be and surrender into our hearts, we find the unconditional and boundless love that  is our very nature.  It sets us free to BE who we truly are. Love is the gateway of our Spirit’s expression into our lives.

Psychology uses several terms to describe love such as: Eros (sexual or passionate love), Philia, (friendship), Storge (of family) and Agape (universal love).  Each of these has its own characteristics and conditions except for Agape.  This would be the closest to Divine Love, the pure and perfect expression of the infinite and unconditional essence of God, Spirit, Source.

We are an expression of this Love in every moment.  It reflects through us, from us, as us into the circumstances and situations of our lives. If we allow ourselves to be in Joy, we will feel Love. When we are at Peace, we experience Love. When we are In Love with one another we are sharing an unconditional connection that creates Unity and Healing in our lives and in the world.

We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. Enjoy the fun and romance of the candy, cards and chocolates of Valentine’s Day. On Feb 14th and every other day of the year open into the freedom of your Heart and express your Divinity through your smiles, generosity, kindness and laughter by Living As Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!


Note from the Board – Recap of the AGM

We wish to extend our thanks to all of our members who attended the Annual General Meeting on Saturday, January 27, 2018. The feelings of enthusiasm and support for the future of SCOL prevailed. For those of you who were unable to join us, we would like to provide the following highlights.

  • The Treasurer reported a year of stability, even though we had some challenges including Hurricane Irma which caused us to close the Center for three services. Once again, SCOL’s investment funds were untouched and continue to increase through interest. The Treasurer’s Report and the Annual Financial Report are available at the office for anyone who wishes to review them.
  • The President’s Report addressed the many accomplishments of the Board during its tenure from August 2017 through January, 2018: most notably a streamlining of administrative functions; development of a team based management approach; and a sense of healing and unity as demonstrated through participation of members, increasing number of newcomers, and a desire of visiting ministers, mediums, and workshop providers to serve and be a part of SCOL. The President’s Report acknowledged our dedicated staff and the many volunteers who commit time, energy and resources to assure the everyday operations of the Center.
  • The Sr. Pastor began his report by taking a few moments to remember those members who made their transition this year: Scarlett Ziemba, Jeff Hemphill and Ruth Ann Smith. Rev. Jim continued by acknowledging the many people who contributed to making 2017 a successful, heartwarming year. He shared his commitment to Spirit, the congregation and the center. He asked us to join together in unity, with love, guided by Spirit, to create an expression as a center that makes a difference for the highest and best for each and all of us.
  • Marketing activities included the improved website which has been updated and has good response time. SCOL continues to share our message of events in Natural Awakenings, Facebook, Meet Up and Constant Contact.
  • The Board wishes to have more communication with and involvement of the membership in 2018. One goal is to hold focus groups on various topics including Visioning the Future of SCOL: Where have We Been and Where are We Going?
  • A special thanks was given to Ben Porter, who served as Vice President during this time period and to Eddie Muniz who served as Treasurer. We also are grateful to Jim Young who assumed the ad hoc position of Liaison to the Board and Congregation. All of you stepped up when called and provided timeless dedication to help lead the Center.
  • The election of the board of Directors was held. The 2018 elected Board members are:

Joan Volpe, President                        Tim Brady, Vice President

Marie Rowe, Secretary                      Jeff Lambert, Treasurer

Laura Horn, 3 Year Trustee

Lisa Johnson continues on the board as the 2 Year Trustee and Mark Roach continues as the 1

year Trustee.

  • The Board acknowledges the dedication and commitment of our Sr. Pastor, Rev. Jim Toole, who is steadfast in his leadership as the spiritual director of SCOL.

The Board thanks you all for your support and faith in us.  We look forward to a year of healing and expansion.


Healing Ministry

The first Wednesday, February 7th, is dedicated to Healers Healing Healers in the Sanctuary at 6:00pm.  All Certified Healers and student healers are invited to join us for this special time set aside for us to receive the gift of healing and to replenish our bodies and souls.

Every day we face challenges on many levels, physically, emotionally and mentally. Allow our Healing Team to support you in your daily life. We are always here to send energy, healing and inspiration.

Anyone who would like to receive healing can call or email the Center office or go to the contact page of our website and request healing for themselves or someone else.  This can be in the form of absent healing, or if needed, in person. In the case of absent healing, our group of healers will be notified and will work together to send healing to each individual or situation.

Rev. Lisa Johnson oversees this process and will contact you after a week to check in.  All our healers are dedicated to be there with the healing you need and so that someone is there for you.

Our healing certification program has begun!  We are excited to announce we have 16 new students in our classes! More advanced healing classes are scheduled for later in the year.

Center Office:  941-953-6620    Email: churchoffice@sarasotacenteroflight.com


Hands of Light

Hands of Light is getting 2018 off to a fun filled start……We begin with Sarasota Center of Light’s Souper Sunday (with a Valentine’s Day flair), February 4th after both services.  Onward to a St. Patrick’s Day themed Coffee Hour on Sunday,  March 4th and then a lot of fun filled thoughts given to the planning for our Easter/Spring Annual Event.

So ……mark your calendars and as always all contributions would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.


February Classes, Workshops, and Events

Feb. 3rd, Saturday, Psychic Saturday, 10:30-1:00 pm, 15 minute Readings $20, Vibrational Healing – love donation.  Gift certificates available.  Davis Hall and Flexer Healing Chapel.

Feb. 3rd, Saturday, Working with the Spirit with Revs. Al and Geoff Potts.  2:00-4:00pm.  Davis Hall.  $30.00

Learn how to enhance your mediumship abilities.  This workshop will present various techniques and skills and will include opportunities for practical application for skill development.

Feb. 4th, Sunday, Annual Souper Sunday after both services.  Hands of Lights chefs will be creating and providing soups and chilies.

Feb. 5th, Monday, Psychometry I with Rev. Marie H. Rowe.   7:00-8:30pm. Flexer Healing Chapel.  $15 per class.  The practice of psychometric ability translates to a spiritual vibration that can be felt by touching an object.  There are many ways to receive information gathered through your psychometric skill.

Feb. 7th, Wednesday, Healers Healing Healers, 6:00-6:30 pm, Sanctuary.

Feb. 17th, Board Meeting, 10:00am, Center Office, SCOL members only.  Call to reserve a seat.

Feb. 17th, Saturday, Hawaiian Spirit Journey. 1:00 pm.  Sanctuary.  Love Offering.

 Empowering aboriginal Hawaiian chanting, ancestral stories and book signing.  All are welcome.

Feb. 19th, Monday, Psychometry II with Rev. Marie H. Rowe.  7:00-8:30pm, Flexer Healing Chapel  $15.00 per class.

Feb. 24th, Saturday, Angelology – Healing with Angels with Rev. Beth Franks.  1:00-4:00pm, Flexer Healing Chapel.  $30.  You will be introduced to working with the Angels for your own personal healing and to assist others on their path.


Fridays, Developing Consciousness with Rev. Jim, 6:00-7:15pm, Ed. Center, $10 love donation.

Enjoy a time of connection, checking in with each other, discussing spiritual topics and joining in a channeled mediation.  All are welcome.


Ed Team                               

Providing education programs so that individuals have an opportunity to discover their spiritual truth is an important part of our center.  We have had a successful year in education this year.  There were over 300 individual classes and workshops and over 30 events held here at SCOL. We look forward to an exciting schedule for education in 2018.

Classes and events coming up are: ‘Working with the Spirit’, Al and Geoff Potts, Feb 3; Psychometry I & II with Rev. Marie Rowe, Feb. 5 & Feb. 19; Hawaiian Spirit Journey,  Feb. 17 and Angelology – Healing with Angels, Rev. Beth Franks, Feb. 24. Please check the calendar for details.

External mediums are returning beginning with the Potts Brothers on Feb 3rd and 4th. Others coming are Richard Schoeller, the Hawaiian Journey, Rev Drew Vogt and Eric Cargill and Gerald O’Hara.

If you are interested in teaching please contact the office. The process for teaching at the Sarasota Center of Light begins with submitting a proposal to the Education Team.  These Class/Workshop Proposal forms are available by contacting Tina in the office.


Hawaiian Spirit Journey



Empowering Aboriginal Hawaiian chanting, ancestral stories and book signing.

Please join us for this very special presentation.

Love Donation.  All are Welcome!


Rev. Richard Schoeller Coming in March


March 1, Thursday – “The Development of Mediumship and Connection to Spirit”

March 2, Friday          “A Conversation with Spirit”

March 5, Monday     “A Demonstration of Mediumship”



 Question for the Angel Hotline:

I have been dreaming of certain numbers lately.  Do the numbers mean anything? Is there a metaphysical explanation for that?

Mathematics is the common denominator, the Universal Language.  It’s only natural that cycles and rhythms are governed by mathematics.  Astrology and Numerology, among others, are tools we may use to know ourselves better and to know our place in the Universe.  The ancients and oracles used these tools in planning future events and in giving advice.  Through time, certain aspects have been ascribed to each number from 1 through 9.  In our relaxed state of sleep, our dreaming mind is receptive to the pulses of the universe and the impressions from the Spirit Guides who walk this journey with us.  For instance, the number One indicates a new beginning.  The number Two indicates cooperation and partnership.  The number Five means changes are coming.  The number Nine signifies a wholeness, the completion of a cycle.  If you become a student of astrology and numerology, you will discover that the meanings ascribed to the numbers are alike.  Without having to study the details of astrology, I would suggest studying a course in Numerology or for a quick fix, purchase the small book: “Angel Numbers 101” by Doreen Virtue.  Little hints and helps are given to us every day if we just pay attention.  The study of a good dream course would be helpful as well, giving you the opportunity to know yourself better.  Happy Dreaming!!

Send in your question for the Angel Hotline to:



  Blessing Bowl


Each month on the second Sunday at both services and at the Wednesday Candlelight service, a special collection is made to benefit a charitable organization.  The total collected in January was $192 for Resurrection House.

Gratitude to One and All!

2018 SCOL Board


 President                   Joan Volpe                   Trustee                            Laura Horn

Vice President           Tim Brady                    Trustee                 Rev. Lisa Johnson

Secretary                    Rev. Marie H. Rowe    Trustee                            Mark Roach

Treasurer                   Jeffrey Lambert           Senior Pastor           Rev. Jim Toole


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