July 2020 Focus Newsletter

Greetings to all of you. Sending blessings to each and every one of you. Although we are unable to gather together, you are on our minds and in our hearts. We are spiritual family and community.

With all the ebbs and flows of changes that are occurring in our own personal lives, our community and our world, it is more important than any other time to maintain our connection. Not only in our awareness, but also in our actions.

Although we are limited to the Internetat this time, as a Center of Light we continue to send all the inspiration, encouragement, love and light possible to you through Facebook Live of our celebrations on Wednesday and Sunday, as well as the classes we are offering.

The song says, “what the world needs now is love sweet love.” This is very true. Let us share our unconditional and boundless love with each other by taking a moment to reach out to someone else during this time. Rather than allow the circumstances that are occurring around us to create separation, let’s make even more effort than we would if we were together to stay connected.

Absolutely reach out to those who you love and care about. Consider taking a moment to reach out to someone you normally don’t communicate or connect with regularly. It can be as simple as a text, and email, a quick call or send a card in the mail.

I understand this seems like a request from you when it is a time you need to receive and be cared about. We care, you matter, you are loved. Let us remember our unity, oneness, our love and light. Let’s take the time to be, share and celebrate the vision statement of Sarasota Center of Light: A World Awakened to the Love and Light of Spirit.
Blessing and Happy 4th of July!
Rev. Jim and All Here at Sarasota Center of Light

Deeper Into Freedom by Rev. Just Jim Toole

Blessings of safety and well-being to each and all of you. Know that you are cared about, loved and supported. We are all part of spiritual family and community. Let us all find and experience our freedom even in these circumstances that seem to limit and restrict us.

Each day we wake up to another news release, broadcast or set of statistics. Possibly another event that has occurred that reflects our separation rather than our unity. Another guideline, recommendation or mandatory requirement in order to simply carry out our everyday lives.

With all that is going on it can be hard to interpret that we live in the land of the free and home of the brave. I will say with all that we have to face, walk-through and experience it requires courage.

I’m not just talking about the kind of strength that makes things happen. I’m talking about the kind of inner strength that moves mountains. I’m not talking about the kind of courage it takes to go into battle. I’m talking about spiritual courage.

Inner strength and spiritual courage are not developed by going to the gym or exercising your will with force. I’m talking about tapping into the pure, perfect power and presence of your inner knowing and truth. I am speaking about accessing this in a deeper and stronger way than you have before.

With all that we are trying to understand and decisions we are trying to make, it’s more important than ever to have clarity of who we are and where we’re coming from. We find this knowing and truth at the core of who we truly are, our heart and soul.
It is a time to turn to the Sanctuary of our Spirit within and spend time being with and experiencing fully our purpose. Not a task to be accomplished or achieved.

Experiencing the very essence of our own individual souls reason for being here.
Although we are spending a great deal of time in isolation, what we seek will be found by being in sacred solitude with our Spirit, the reflection of the essence of our Soul. As we let go of the world around us and even our interactions with it and turn inward to the core of our being, we will be enveloped with the inspiration that transforms who and how we are.

As we celebrate the Fourth of July and our independence as a country, but it’s take the time to find the inner knowing of our truth that sets us free into being what we need to be as individuals, with each other and for the world. The key to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is opening the doorway of your soul through your heart, Deeper Into Freedom, into your life and the world. Happy 4th of July.

A Message From Joan Volpe

A keystone to mind expansion is education. To that end, the Center’s organizational structure includes an Education Committee responsible for inviting in mediums and other teachers to serve the Center, planning and implementing classes, workshops and events. For more than two and a half years, I have been honored to serve as the chair of the Education Committee. I am very grateful to all the volunteers who have assisted in creating a successful educational program at the Center.

Change is inevitable and we are all experiencing change at many different levels at this time. After considerable thought, I realized it is time to resign as chair of the committee and open the way for others to bring their talents and energy to this important function. I look forward to the Center’s future and hope to see many of you when we may once again gather in person.

Wishing you peace and good health,
Joan Volpe

Distancing Update

Your safety and well-being is our primary focus as we continue to evaluate, discuss and determine how to move forward at the center in reference to public gathering. We are continuously monitoring reports, statistics, activities that can give us at least an overall view of what is occurring in our community, city and area.

During meetings in late May and then again on June 9 (regularly scheduled board meeting) The board reviewed, discussed and decided to review the situation once again in the July board meeting (now set for July 21). All board meetings are currently being held online on Zoom.

The AA meeting previously meeting in the learning center has been meeting outside and using the Learning Center only for the bathroom. The AA meeting has requested to use Davis Hall if the summer rains occur during one of their scheduled meetings on Wednesday and Sunday.

Jazzercise has been broadcasting online and recently requested to meet in small gatherings in Davis Hall under very specific conditions. These are conditions handed down by the national organization.

Gary Halperin, one of the yoga teachers renting Flexor Healing Chapel, has requested holding a small yoga class once a week.

After multiple discussions and research the board has created releases to be signed by the groups, waivers by each student and specific cleaning and decontamination process is an order for these groups to meet in these buildings. All groups have agreed to these conditions and will proceed as private rentals, maintaining responsibility for their groups.

No public gatherings are occurring at this time in reference to services, classes, etc. We will be discussing this again at the July 21 board meeting. Please remember that the Healing Garden is always open and very spacious. A beautiful place to connect to the vibration and energy of the center, Spirit and nature. Plenty of benches well spaced from each other.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions you may have. We will make sure to keep you informed of any changes. Be well.

Be safe. Be conscious. Blessings.

Rev Jim and all of at Sarasota Center of Light


Sarasota Center of Light continues to maintain safety and well-being as a focus in July. We are monitoring the activities and in our community and state statistics as we make decisions related to the reopening of the Center.

Our classes and services are currently scheduled to continue online. We have been offering our classes on Facebook live as a public service at no charge. We will be adding classes that can be taken on Zoom, online at minimal fees. Thank you for your participation in our services and classes. Be sure to share them to spread the inspiration to as many as possible. We will immediately email and Facebook any changes that may occur at the Center.

July 11th, Saturday, The Benefits of Grace in Your Life with Rev. Jim Toole at 11:00 a.m. Explore the freedom and joy that grace creates in our within us and in life. Discover powerful, practical and spiritual ways to access the mystical, magical experience of grace that sets our mind free and opens our awareness to experience as our Spirit the world within and in the world.
Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

July 14th, Tuesday, The Spiral of Metaphysical Thought with Rev. Jim Toole at 7:00 p.m. Join us to explore the every revolving spiral Metaphysical (above the physical) evolution from the center point of our individual selves into the world as creation, our experience and fulfillment of purpose. Discover your personal cycles of expression, As well as practical and awareness techniques to expand your awareness and consciousness of life in life.
Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

July 23rd, Thursday, Your Spiritual Gifts with Rev. Jim Toole at 7:00 p.m.
Discover your personal gift that you are here to share in your life and blessings with the world. Explore Techniques to, access, identify, and body and express your spiritual gift, including techniques to, access, identify, and body and express your spiritual gift, including animal totems, angel influences, awareness techniques and more.
Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

July 28th, Tuesday, Breathwork in Your Life with Rev. Jim Toole at 7:00 p.m.
Discover how the breath, both physical and conscious, can be a tool for clearing, healing, awakening and enlightenment. Explore and experience breath and breathwork techniques you can use in your life, every day, that help create more freedom, joy and fulfillment.
Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

Infinite Insights

How to Stay Young

Metaphysicians learn to set their own course in life with positive thinking and right living. However, there is one thing you have little control of and that is the Law of Nature. It is necessary to understand Nature and know how to live in harmony with it.

If man understands how Natural Law works to create floods, volcanos and earthquakes, he can avoid some of those disasters. Individuals can certainly help their own life by harmonizing with Natural Law. For example, you may develop physical problems so that your body is not comfortable in cold weather. You learn to stay warm indoors and not venture out in bad weather; or you may choose to move to a warmer climate where the body will experience less pain and suffering. You must use good common sense because as you live through more years, you cannot do the same kind of things or perform as much exercise – your body is not prepared for it. You need to change your way of life and though less active physically, you can be active mentally.

Do not ever give up and sit in a rocking chair just waiting to take your last breath. Be active, talk to people and do all that you can. Write letters or articles; read widely to keep your mind and memory working. Do what will help your memory, mind and body and then you will have no reason to fear old age.

There are many interesting subjects to study and keep your inner being actively engaged in thinking. You will be able to look forward to many wonderful years in the physical body experiencing happiness and joy within yourself and enjoying the company of others. You will live gracefully and old age will mean only that you are getting a little wiser. Do not give up or give in; be active mentally and physically and you will do well. ~You Are Loved~

Your Contributions and Donations Are Needed

Please remember that while we are not gathering in person, we are spiritual family. We humbly and graciously ask for your donations at this time. You are able to go to our website and donate securely on our donate page, call the office 9am-12pm Mon – Fri. and you can mail a check to the office at 2710 Browning St, Sarasota, FL 34237. All donations are tax deductible.

All contributions would be very helpful during this time where have lost nearly all of our sources of income. If you would like to discuss Giving Plans or remember SCOL in your Will, please email us. For your Giving Planning, our Tax Identification number is: 65-0501429. Thank you for empowering us to share Metaphysical Spirituality with many!
Please contact Rev. Jim with any questions you might have at revjimtoole@gmail.com or 941-330-5031.

Be well, Be Safe and Blessings to all.

Rev Jim and all of at Sarasota Center of Light

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