The Difference Diversity Can Make by Rev. Just Jim Toole

I find it amazing and wonderful how so very different every one of us are. You would think that the many different ways that we each look at and approach life, diversity would create separation between us instead of making our lives better. The truth is, diversity without unity creates a wider spectrum of experience but keeps us from experiencing the difference it can make unless we share it with one another.

To add to the equation, there is both a practical and spiritual side to everything, including us. From a practical point of view, each day we make decisions and take actions necessary to deal with the circumstances and situations that arise. We look at what we need to do, need to have and need to accomplish. Much of this is determined by our review and analysis of how things have been, how things are, what we believe is possible, what might be available, all the tangible aspects of life.

Although we are having thoughts, feelings, making decisions and taking actions, we are not a thought, a feeling or our physical body. It is our consciousness that recognizes we are thinking, feeling, choosing, and our body is the vessel through which we live our life. Our consciousness is the experience of our Spirit, our spiritual experience. Because we are Spirit, having a Spiritual Experience as a human being, this is where it can all come together within us.

By choosing to be directed or guided by our highest, deepest and innermost knowing, our Spirit, what we think, how we feel, what we choose and how we act becomes an expression that serves us for the highest good. By doing this with unconditional love, we bring the expression of our Soul as our Spirit into our lives. This is the first and key point of unity that can make a difference in the world.

As each of us walk on our own spiritual path, we discover and establish our truth. We are drawn to different ways of life, philosophies, religions, etc. This is what we, consciously or unconsciously live by. When we look closer at these different ways of being in life, we find they all seek to create love, joy, peace, beauty, harmony, balance and freedom in our lives. It is through unity that we can consciously share the gifts each of us are to make the difference that is needed right now.

With so much going on in our world that has us questioning what to do, how to do it, the best way to move forward, it is vital that we recognize the importance of dissolving barriers and creating bridges (keeping social distancing) that allow us to share the most precious part of who we are, our heart and soul. It is by sharing the brilliance and beauty of our individual essence and light of our soul with our unconditional and boundless love, we can benefit from who each and all of us are.

During this time a powerful evolution within humanity, let us look even higher, deeper and further within our spiritual and human being, to establish our truth, Be it, share it and make a difference, in the unity of our diversity, by being the I Am, We Are, where two or more are joined. We Are the World. Let’s make it a better place for each and all of us to live by being the gift given and received of our diversity.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!


Each month there are several of us who write for the FOCUS newsletter.

At times this comes up as an obligation, as a duty, as drudgery or as an absolute JOY.

This month is a JOY.

I had my Focus article all written but I was not happy with it. I had not turned it into Tina in the office because “intuitively” I knew that it was not what I wanted to say.

This morning as I was reading the June 1, entry in “Science of Mind Magazine” I was “told” what I wanted to say.

It starts with a quote from someone we all know, Oprah Winfrey. She says, “Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

As a person does this; to me, she is saying so many things. The first is do not ‘memorialize’ your wounds, be they real or imagined. Don’t live with them forever. Don’t make them a part of your emotional life. Don’t live in the drama of them.

We have all had wounds. They happened. They had their place in time; however, this is a new and different time. You, and only you, have the choice to let them go!

If we let them go (WHEN we let them go) what do we do next???

We can choose to turn what seem to have been negative into a positive or as Oprah says, “into wisdom.”

Our lives are full of these opportunities that are based on real or imagined wounds; our lives are full of the steps into wisdom and joy which the Universe, which God has offered to us.

It is YOUR journey.

I hope to join you on OUR separate, but, joined journeys through this lifetime.

Love and Blessings,

Gerry Greig

PS: Our wonderful Education Committee has, during this time, put together for us a number of wonderful special classes for the months of June and July. These classes are being presented FREE on Facebook Live, on the Sarasota Center of Light Facebook site.

Each class is an inclusive and meaningful introduction to what we hope will be a class series when, as a Center, we get back to classes in person, and now, they will also be online as well.

Please – – share these classes with friends and family!


Shared experiences. What can that phrase possibly mean to us at this point when we are continuing to stay at home and live with social distancing? The tenets of our belief remind us about the Universal One and our connection to all. The Education Committee is pondering our current conditions and wondering how we can best live in community through our ideas and our experience, remembering we are all connected while we stand a part.
The Education Committee is applying its creative thinking to develop educational possibilities for classes
in July. We have sent some ideas to the Board of Directors to enhance the internet capability of the
Center which will allow for classes and workshops in the Learning Center and Davis Hall. The Board is
looking into this possibility and you will be hearing more about the decision in the near future.

In the meantime, The Center will continue to offer Facebook live classes and talks in June. On June 2nd, Rev. Jim is offering a talk on Returning to Balance. Gerry Greig is presenting Intro to the Birth and Development of Metaphysical Thought on June 2. Then on Saturday, June 13, Jim will offer a talk on Clearing, Balancing, Activating your Chakras. In an effort to reduce stress and seek to modify our perspective on current conditions, Joan Volpe offers A Course in Miracles – A Teacher for the Mind, Body and Spirit on June 25th. To close the month on June 30, Rev. Jim presents Accessing Your Deeper Awareness and Higher Consciousness.

Please check the Website for times and details. In July we hope to have many more teachers offering educational opportunities for our community. Stay safe and be loved.
Best wishes,
Joan Volpe, Chair



The Hands of Light team welcomes our new members and we are looking forward to working with them to develop new ideas as soon as we can meet again. In the meantime, we will be reaching out by email to keep in touch.

We are still formulating plans for another fundraiser in the fall by celebrating 2020 with a Roaring 20’s Dance Party! If there are any ideas on how to proceed with the planning for venues, games, decorations, food, etc. please share. Anyone with new ideas for additional fundraisers, please contact Sherry and the rest of the team. The Center, when re-opened, will need fundraising ideas more than ever.

As our center remains closed indefinitely, we will still communicate with the HOL team by email and continue to plan for the future.

Be well, be safe. We will be together again soon.

Please contact Sherry sherbear72811@gmail.com. Thank you!

Infinite Insights

There is a famous picture of Jesus standing knocking at a door. The power of the Christ Spirit is ever present around us wherever we are and if we can recall that picture frequently, we’ll realize that there is always a time when the Divine Power is knocking at the door of our mind or knocking at the door of our heart. We have to be willing to answer that door. We must be willing to allow ourselves to follow that spiritual power and that spiritual light. It’s an invitation to us to let the God Spirit enter the inner being and with your faith and belief in it to make it possible for us to feel that invisible power working with and for us every day – every moment of every day and every day for the rest of our life. It’s a knocking at the door, nothing to force us to open it, nothing to force us to say, “I believe” or nothing to force us to say, “I am one with the God Power.” It’s the picture of the Master trying to get into your inner being with his love and his words that inspire us. It is his words and what he represented, all the truths that he expressed and all the vibrations he used to make him a Master which uplifts us now and always will.
~ You Are Loved ~

Services, Classes and Safety Continue at Sarasota Center of Light

Sarasota Center of Light is devoted to the spiritual and physical well-being of each and all of you. As we make our way through this process related to the virus, we continue to maintain your safety in mind in our decisions related to the Center during the reopening of our city and state.

Please see our Calendar page for classes and services are currently scheduled to continue online. We have been offering our classes on Facebook live as a public service at no charge. We have added classes that can be taken on Zoom, online at minimal fees. Thank you for your participation in our services and classes. Be sure to share them to spread the inspiration to as many as possible. We will immediately email and Facebook any changes that may occur at the center.

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