March 2017 Focus

From the Senior Pastor – Rev Jim Toole

Following Your Faith

Life is a journey of the exploration and discovery of our spiritual truth.  As we make our way through the circumstances and situations of every day, we begin to develop an understanding of what life really means to us;  not just with our minds, with our souls. This is our faith.

Our faith is a vital characteristic of our soul’s expression. It is what shapes and forms who we are and how we are in all that we choose to do and be. It is the inner reflection of our light and vibration, through us, into the world.

Because we are physical, emotional and mental beings, this inner knowing of who we really are influences every aspect of our experience. Since we have a choice where to place our attention, we decide whether we will be guided by what we know, how we feel, the circumstances around us, or follow our true inner knowing.

By focusing on what we know is real and true in our heart and soul, we are able to rise to new heights, allow our faith to be the wind beneath our wings and soar like an eagle, rather than making our way based on just evidence and facts. As we know, these conditions of life change every moment.

It is the inspiring and uplifting energy of faith that allows each and every one of us to transcend the limitations of our everyday experience and connect with the deepest and highest parts of ourselves and allow us to move beyond “life as we know it.” By trusting in our own certainty and conviction, we release doubt, fear and insecurity.

It is this state of freedom which allows us to take a leap of faith and be more open, joyful and fulfilled, not by what we have, but by being our Heart and Soul’s purpose expressed.  As we know who we truly are, we are able to see each other in the same way. In our unity and oneness, differences fall away and we live in peace and harmony.

Remember, as you choose to bring your eternal and infinite Spirit into your life and the world, you are also an expression of God, of Spirit, of Source. By following what you have discovered as your faith, you join with all who walk a path of Purpose, Love and Light, making a difference in the world one heartbeat at a time.

March Classes, Workshops, and Events

Wednesday, March 1, Healers Healing Healers, 6-6:30pm, Sanctuary.

Thursday, March 2, Rev. Richard Schoeller, ‘Mediumship Development’ Workshop, 7:30-9:30pm,

Davis Hall, $30.

Friday March 3, Rev. Richard Schoeller, ‘A Conversation with Spirit – A Demonstration of Trance’, 7:30-9:30pm, Chapel,  $30.  Reservations required.

Saturday, March 4, Concert featuring Matt Venuti, 7:00pm, Sanctuary, love donation.

Sunday, March 5, Rev. Richard Schoeller,  talk and messages at the a.m. and p.m. services.

Monday, March 6 to April 10th, Basic Mediumship, with Rev. Marie Rowe, 7:30-9:00pm, Ed. Center, $15.  (Six week class)

Wednesday, March 8, Threshold Choir at Evening Candlelight Service.

 Saturday, March 11, Board Meeting, 10:00 am, Center Office.

Thursday, March 16-April 20, Mediumship with Rev. Jim, 7:30-9:00pm, Chapel, $15. (Six week class)

Saturday, Mar. 18, Movie Night –  7:00pm, Davis Hall, popcorn and snacks, love offering.

Monday, March 20, ‘Embodying Your Nature Spirit’ with Ann Cederberg, 7:30-9:00pm, Flexer, $20.

Tuesday, March 21, ‘Ear, Hand & Foot Self-Healing Techniques’ with Ruth Ann Smith, 7:30-9:00pm, Flexer, $15.

Sunday, March 26th, Hand of Light meeting, 5:30pm, Ed. Center.

Tuesday, March 28, ‘Introduction to Shaman Healing’ with Joan Volpe,Ph.D, 7:30-9:00pm, Flexer, $15.

 Developing Consciousness with Rev.Jim, every Fri., 6-7:15pm, Ed. Center. $10 love donation.

 Beginning Tai Chi & Qigong with Caroline Demoise, every Mon. , 6-7:00pm, Flexer, $10.

 Psychic Saturday Readings & Healings, Light-workers Bazaar (Pet Healings are back!), March 4, 10:30am-1pm, Davis Hall and Flexer Healing Chapel.  Come to Davis Hall to sign up.


Our Mission Statement

We are a center of Light open to all.  This Light includes healing, education and inspiration that empowers individuals to progress on their personal spiritual path to find God.  We are a gateway of understanding creating peace, love and joy in the lives of individuals, families, and the world.

2017 SCOL Board


           President               Kathy Curtin              1 Yr. Trustee        Phyllis Town

            Vice President      Cyril Mayer                2 Yr. Trustee        Lyn Mulder

            Treasurer               Jeffrey Lambert        3 Yr. Trustee        Forrest Paradise

            Secretary               Caroline Demoise     Senior Pastor      Rev. Jim Toole


Karin Ireland                5         Lyn Mulder                     18

Rosemary Erbeck        10        Haley Bond                    19

Laura Warnelo            15        LaVerne Duff                 19

Lynn Rigby                   16        Rev. Tom Newman      25

Rainy Murray               17        Sonny Shake                 29


Blessing Bowl Donations in 2016

Thanks to you generosity, we have given the following:


March              Everyday Blessings                 $  500.00

April                 SPARCC                                   $  208.13

May                 Southeastern Guide Dogs       $  303.00

June                 All Faiths Food Bank               $  313.00

July                  Healing Garden                       $  230.00

August             Casa De Kids                           $1,049.00

September       Humane Society                      $   313.78

October           Big Brother Big Sister              $  326.17

November        All Faiths Food Bank               $  219.00

December        Everyday Blessings                 $1,492.71

Sincere Gratitude for Heart Centered Kindness & Acts of Service

Love and Gratitude goes to Billy Elkins, Photographer Extraordinaire.  Billy has done a brilliant job of capturing the essence of SCOL for our new website.  A huge Thank You goes to Billy for the photo gallery that we will use for a long time to come. Kudos for his professionalism and many talents!

A big thanks goes to Sandy Maurer for gifting SCOL with Holiday paper goods and beautiful dishes that enhance Davis Hall and help the Hands of Light Team –  not to mention all of the tasty food she brings for us to enjoy.

Special Appreciation goes to Jen Blecher for designing and creating gorgeous fliers that grace our bulletin boards! Thank You, Jen for sharing your expressions of Joy!

Mega Gratitude goes to Suzanne and the Choir for the joyous heart centered concert they provided us at the Sunday evening service, February 12th.  A special thank you to Rev. Jim for the heart centered talk and for hosting the event and to Rev. Karen for the beautiful Spirit messages she gifted us.  And a Special Thank You goes to Jimmy Lee and Michael for being a part of the culmination of their heart centered Spirit inspiration!  It was a Fabulous Event!

Heartfelt Thanks goes to Benjamin Gleisser for giving the inspirational talk and to Carolyn Molner for gifting us with Spirit messages.  We are always grateful when our Canadian friends bless us while they serve Spirit.

Let us catch you doing something inspiring in next month’s column.

It takes a Village to keep our Center of Light glowing brightly!

Children’s Sunday Circle

Dear Members and Friends,

Our children are mastering the art of meditation! Public schools in bigger cities such as Los Angeles are requiring their students to meditate every day in school as part of their curriculum. This is a positive approach to reduce the negative behaviors such as bullying in the classrooms.
We are pleased we can teach our children this tool here at our Center of Light. We remind our children they can meditate in everyday scenarios in their life. We welcome visitors at our Ed center, so stop in and see what we are about!  Love and Light,
Your SCOL teachers


Healing Mission

  • If you or anyone you know is in need of absentee healing or special prayers please call the office 941-953-6620 and ask to have Rev. Jim or Rev. Lisa contact you so we can add you to our absentee healing list. You will also be added to our Prayer Bowl in the Sanctuary.  Everyone is always encouraged to attend our Wednesday Evening Candlelight Healing Service, at 7:00pm.  You need not be a member to receive healing.
  • March 1st at 6:00pm is dedicated to Healers Healing Healers. This is a special time set aside for our beloved healers to receive.


Elective Healing Classes

  • A big Thank You goes out to David Winfree and Caroline Demoise for presenting the first two elective classes of the year. Both classes were well attended and both instructors did a fabulous job teaching their healing modalities in a thoughtful and caring way.
  • The next elective class will be held on Tuesday evening, March 21st, in Flexer Healing Chapel at 7:00pm called: Ear, Hand & Foot Self-Healing Techniques presented by RuthAnn Smith.
  • Joan Volpe, Ph.D, will present Introduction to Shaman Healing on Tuesday, March 28th.

All students, healers and general public are invited to attend.

Love, Happiness & Healing to All

Stained Glass Fundraiser

Calling All Angels!!!  Our beautiful stained glass windows in the Sanctuary and the Chapel are in need of repair. All of the caulk will be removed and  replaced, a few glass panels need to be replaced and a sealant will be used for protection.  The drywall under the windows may also need attention or replacing.

The board is reaching out to all of you asking for your loving and financial assistance.  Our goal is to raise enough money to get the job started before the rainy season begins.

The company who originally installed the windows nearly 12 years ago gave us a bid of approximately $3,000 to make the repairs and estimate it will take more than a week to get the job done.

You graciously ‘raised the roof’ on Flexer Healing Chapel and now we are reaching out to you again and asking you to ‘save the stained glass windows’ by contributing to the repairs.  As always, we are grateful for any and all help.  Every little bit adds up to getting the job done!

Most Sincerely,

Your 2017 Board of Directors

A Note from the Board – Recap of Annual General Meeting

Thank you to all our members who were able to join us for the Annual General Meeting on Saturday January 28th, 2017.  For those who were unable to attend, the following is a summary of that meeting:

  • The Treasurer’s Report and the Annual Financial Report were available at the meeting and copies are available at the office should you wish to review them.
  • We were blessed with generous donations and the fundraiser for the replacement of Flexer Hall roof, the new website and advertising in Natural Awakenings.
  • Jim gave an update on his activities since becoming the Senior Pastor in June 2016. His enthusiasm and commitment to SCOL has brought healing and stability to the Center.
  • The President’s Report acknowledged the work by Rev. Jim. With the Administrative and Ministerial duties now divided between the Senior Pastor and the Board of Directors, it has clearly led to many extra hours of volunteer time for the Board, many of who have full time employment.  In an organization this size, there would normally be a full time team of salaried staff to carry out the day to administration.  Tina, our part-time office manager, Carlos, who oversees all the maintenance of the rental properties and buildings, Sonny and Joyce who keep the buildings clean and stocked with supplies, and a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, very ably runs SCOL. The Center needs you, the members, to share your thoughts and ideas in a positive and constructive way.  Our theme this year started off with the Hearts of Love – let’s spread this throughout the community this year.
  • The Trustee’s Report gave an update on the 9 rental properties and the increase in rental income.
  • The Team reports acknowledged the new Healing Program, put lovingly together by Lyn Mulder and Rev. Lisa Johnson. It is an exciting program and brings in different teachers to share their knowledge and experience. All healers are welcome, and encouraged to attend.
  • The Education Team is working hard to provide new classes and bring in new teachers.
  • The Hands of Light continues to provide refreshments and social events and new volunteers are needed to share their talents.
  • The children’s program also continues to provide talented teachers to work with the children.
  • The changes to the bylaws presented to the membership were passed and are available at the office, or via email. Prior to the vote, the President asked members to consider “what constitutes a voting member.”  The bylaws state regular attendance at services.  For many years the Board has used two services per month.  The President asked, “How does this really support the Center?”  If everyone only attended two services per month, an organization of this size, could not and will not survive.  We are all responsible for keeping Rev. Dorothy and Dr. Russell’s vision and dedication in building this Center for generations to come.
  • The Nomination of the Three-year Trustee position was filled by ballot vote by Forrest
  • If you have any questions regarding the meeting, have suggestions for the future, or wish to offer your time and energy to the many events we will have in 2017, please speak to one of the Board members or take time to attend a Board meeting this year to help us plan and please financially support your Center.

Your 2017 Board of Directors

Ed Team

Rev. Richard Schoeller will be returning early in March, to offer a “Mediumship Development Workshop” Thursday night, March 2nd, 7:30-9:30pm in Davis. Cost is $30. Please join us for his unique perspective on developing your connection with Spirit.  On Friday, March 3rd Rev. Richard will present “A Conversation with Spirit – A Demonstration of Trance” in the Chapel, 7:30-9:30pm. Fee: $30. Arrive early and leave your cell phones in the car.

Another opportunity to begin your journey with mediumship is being offered by Rev. Marie Rowe on Monday nights. Basic Mediumship will begin March 6th and finish on April 10th, 7:30-9pm in the Ed Center, $15.

Rev. Jim will offer another series of six classes on Thursday nights in “Mediumship”, beginning March 16th – April 20th, in the Chapel. $15.

Anne Cederberg will share her “Embodying Your Nature Spirit” workshop in Flexer, $20, 7:30-9:30pm on Monday, March 20th. Discover archetypal energies that reside within you. Learn to call them forth and express them through movement and art.

Ruth Ann Smith will share her years of experience with self- healing in the Vibrational Healing Elective, “Ear, Hand & Foot Self-Healing Techniques”, Tuesday, March 21st in Flexer for $15.

Joan Volpe, Ph.D,  will present healing techniques from the Shamanic tradition. This is another Vibrational Healing Elective on Tuesday, March 28th in Flexer, $15, entitled “Introduction to Shaman Healing.”

Early in April, we are excited to have Robert Austin returning on a Friday evening to present a Crystal Tibetan Bowl Concert in the Sanctuary, April 7th, 7-8:30pm. Fee: $20.

Please save these dates in April for these new workshops from Rev. Karen Rose Slember and Rev. Drew Vogt. Saturday, April 15th, Rev. Karen will teach  ”All About Soul – On the Wings of Love”, 1-4pm in Davis, $30 and later in the month, April 27th, Rev. Drew will teach “Living Outside the Box – How to Co-create with Spirit” 7:30-9:30pm in Davis for $30.

Hands of Light

Members and Friends,

Our events at Sarasota Center of Light keep getting better and better.   Hands of Light graciously accepts our recent acknowledgement that we received from many, “the best Souper Sunday ever …..keeps getting better.”

So, ……Hands of Light will make the next one even BETTER.  Again we thank everyone for their delicious contributions.

March is around the corner and the Center welcomes our friend, Rev. Richard Schoeller and the Magical Concert featuring Matt Venuti on March 4th.  As always Hands of Light supports and assists to help make events enjoyable and memorable.  Also, Hands of Light welcomes our new volunteer, Robin Washburn, to the team.

Blessings and thank you.

Hands of Light

Blessing Bowl

Each month on the second Sunday, at both services, and at the Wednesday Candlelight service, a special collection is made to benefit a charitable organization.  The total collected in February was $300 for Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue.


Beginning in March the 1st Saturday of every month

Please join us from 10:30 – 1:00 p.m.


Movie Night

 Join us on Saturday, March 18th at 7:00 p.m. in Davis Hall

Popcorn and snacks

Love donation



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