A Message from the President…

Hi everyone, by way of introduction, I’m Bob Sadler and this is my first posting as the new President of the Sarasota Center of Light Board. I am so pleased to serve you following my retirement on December 31, 2020, from my Federal career on a financial management team. I want to thank the Board for trusting me to be their President, moving from the Trustee position following Linda Viddish’s resignation on Feb. 1. The Board appreciates Linda for her tireless dedication through some very tough situations including navigating the financial problems leading to the furlough of our Senior Pastor in November 2020.

By the time of this publication, our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will have been held on Feb. 27. The AGM reported on our past activities, and plans for the future. As just one example, we are planning how to safely reopen Psychic Saturday, a long-standing tradition of healing and messages consistent with the Tenets of Metaphysical. Spirituality.

The AGM also provided an opportunity to weigh in on our Senior Pastor’s employment, several important Bylaw changes, and election of the new Board including myself. As described below, voting members’ Ballots are due back by noon, on Monday, March 8. The Ballots will be carefully opened and counted on Monday, March 8, 7 PM at our ZOOM session, so that the AGM’s votes can then be announced and our path forward can be formulated by the 2021 Board. Please remember to vote!

I had noted during my AGM report that the 2020 Board accomplished so much against unbelievable odds. We addressed the effects of an unprecedented pandemic along with the financial challenges that have worsened over the last few years. The 2020 Board’s behind-the-scene activities included everything from obtaining reliable tenants for all of our rental properties, termite control in our beautiful Davis Hall, to obtaining legal review of the AGM Ballots, and offering COVID-19 liability waivers for safe use of our facilities. Thank you, 2020 Board, which most recently included Sherry Brune, Jeff Lambert, and Eddie Muniz. After several years in that stewardship role, Eddie is leaving the Board and certainly will be missed.

Our Center continues to hold your well-being and safety as a priority. Once the pandemic is controlled through vaccinations and continued safety measures, we look forward to reopening in person. Regardless of the outcome of the AGM votes, our services will continue and new classes offering a wide variety of study will continue on ZOOM in March, 2021. One highlight to look forward to later on this month is the Divine Light message service to be held on March 31.

As a final note, I’m happy to confirm that yes, our congregation is really growing! There is a new energy in our membership and it’s more than just spring fever. This is mainly due to the dedication and “let’s work together” attitude of the various teams, committees, and guest speakers described later in this newsletter. That is cool stuff!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments, or just want to say hello. My phone number is 727 4922977, and my email is


A Message from the Board on our path forward

Our Center’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in-person and on ZOOM on Saturday, February 27, 2021. We thank all of those members who attended. The agenda included important votes on the 2021 Board, our Senior’s Pastor’s employment and two Bylaw Changes. For example, Bylaw Item 2 if approved will allow the 2021 Board to act on the Senior Pastor’s employment based on the majority of the votes of our members. The Board will accept Ballots (this year only) from voting members who cannot attend either in person or on ZOOM. Voting members who do not attend in person must mail, or drop off their Ballot at the church office by noon on Monday, March 8, 2021. Please be sure to add a legible signature on the sealed back of the envelope.

The 2020 Board is pleased to announce that a ZOOM session will be held at 7 PM Monday, March 8. where all Ballots will be opened, tabulated, and counted, and the results announced. The ZOOM log-in details are the same as the AGM log-in details. Please attend that ZOOM session, when you will know the important outcome of the votes on the Senior Pastor’s employment and Bylaw Changes. This process will allow installation of the 2021 Board (Bob Sadler, President; Sherry Brune, Secretary; Jeff Lambert, Treasurer; and Gary Mantz, 1-year Trustee.)

As we recover from the pandemic and plan for in-person services in the future, on-line attendance and participation is already growing. Regardless of the outcome of the vote on our Senior Pastor’s employment, the 2021 Board reassures you that our services and education program will continue, offering new energy and spirit!

A Message from the Acting Coordinator of the Ministerial Team…

Hello friends,

“Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!” – Sitting Bull

Spring is coming March 20th and if you feel like I do, you are feeling uplifted and excited about days getting longer and the early darkness of winter slowly fading away. We are reminded to move our clocks up an hour, to “spring forward” on March 14th. Spring is a time for rebirth and rejuvenation. Not only are we clearing the clutter in our homes, but we are clearing our mind and body. Our feelings of hope and renewal are supported by the flowers in bloom and the birds returning, announcing their arrival by song. The beauty of Spring conjures up all things that seemed impossible to be possible with the celebration of the miracle of Easter. Yes, there is fun with Easter baskets, candy and easter egg hunts but this is also a time of deep reflection. We will have our annual Easter Divine Light Service on March 31st. Rev. Tom Newman will be giving Spirit thoughts and he will channel a universal message from Dr. Meredith, his Doctor of Philosophy. I hope you will be able to join us for this beautiful service.

The Ministerial team working with the Education team has scheduled a variety of guest speakers and Mediums. Our services continue to attract participants from around the country and the world. Some guests are old friends returning to participate in services, and some are new friends. We have started our message service on Sunday mornings. There will come a time when we will be able to gather again in person until then we are fortunate to have ZOOM, which allows us to virtually gather with people around the world and have made wonderful connections that would not have been possible otherwise.

My wish for you is to spring forward in love and renewal of the miracle of your life.

Rev. Phyllis Lambert

From the Education Committee…

Greetings everyone, as we move into March, the team is staying busy, seeking new teachers, classes and workshops to present to you over the next few months.

We have had several requests to hold a Basic Concepts class, which for those of you who don’t know is a pre-requisite prior to becoming a member of SCOL. We are delighted to offer the following date:

Basic Concepts Class
Saturday, March 6th, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Rev. Phyllis Lambert, joined by Rev Tom Newman will host the class via Zoom. Rev. Tom Newman, has been connected to SCOL for over 50 years, 16 of which as Senior Pastor. He brings a wealth of knowledge and history to share with you.
There is no cost to you, (but we always welcome a love offering) and we encourage you to sign up via the website. Come one, come all, even if you are already a member, or are interested in becoming a member, you will hear the history and philosophy of SCOL over the years.

Rev. Tom Newman will be visiting Sarasota this month, and will be offering the following in-house workshop:
Spiritual Dowsing: Exploring the Field of Invisible Energies.
Saturday, March 27th, 2021 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Davis Hall
Fee is $30.00. Masks and signing a COVID-19 liability waiver upon entry will be a requirement to attend.
In this workshop you will gain hands-on experience using dowsing rods to physically show an individual’s energy field and how it instantly expands or contracts according to one’s thought; Learn how to detect and measure the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; Detect the presence of Spirit Guides, loved ones and pets in Spirit and much more.
Dowsing Rods will be available at the workshop to borrow or purchase for $20.00.
Registration is encouraged via the SCOL website at

The Zoom services on Sunday mornings, and Wednesday evenings are being very well received and until we are able to open the doors to the Sanctuary again, we ask that you continue to support the ministers, musicians and speakers who give so generously of their time.

Until next time, stay well and stay safe.
Kath Curtin and Lyn Mulder
Co-Chairs Education Team.

Elegant Evening

The Elegant Evening fundraiser for 2021 is moving ahead. Winter Wonderland will be the theme for this exciting event.

We are still looking for any donations of the following items to use in our preparation for the event:

Artificial trees
White lights
Silver & white balls
White poinsettias (artificial)
Pine garland, pine cones, etc.

If you wish to donate any of the above items, or have a question, please contact LaVerne at or 410-440-5288.

The Library has moved to a new home in the Learning Center!

The Library portion is finished and we are very excited about the new look. We want to welcome you to come in and sit while you look for an inspirational book to read or borrow. We have books on Healing, Angels, Spirit Communication, Cosmic Awareness, Self-Help, Notable Authors, and many more.

The new book store and a gift shop, which will feature items from local artists is making progress and is almost finished. This exciting new addition to our Spiritual experience will be completed when we open our church to the public again.

We are exploring vendors who may be interested in selling their items on consignment with us, as well as artists to display their work. If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact LaVerne.

A Healing room in the Learning Center is also being prepared and will be opening soon for the use of our in house healers as well as others.

We are very excited about the new location of the library and book & gift store and Healing room. We think you also will enjoy all that it will offer!!

We are trying to resume a modified Psychic Saturday, plans are being discussed with the Board and Tina is keeping a list of those interested in participating. Please contact the office to be put on the list (941-953-6620).

LaVerne Duff

From the Organizational Committee…

Our committee has been busy re-organizing and cleaning the buildings on our campus.
There have been some structural issues addressed as well, which include some mortar repair in the flower room and placement of gutter guards on the Sanctuary. While the center is closed, we are addressing some housekeeping issues and hoping to have a new look and refreshed buildings when we reopen.
The Sanctuary foyer is almost finished with just a few small items to be done. A cleaned and refreshed waiting area in the back of the Sanctuary for guest speakers has been completed.
There are still things to be done in the clean-up of the buildings, like molding being wiped down and windows being cleaned. A few of the exterior doors should be painted also.
We welcome any assistance with this task. If anyone is interested in helping, please contact LaVerne Duff or Kathy Curtin.
LaVerne Duff

From the Healing Committee…

We are all part of a Spiritual Family and during these challenging times, I am reminded of the words in Psalm 91: “He shall give his angels charge over us to keep us safe.” These words themselves give us comfort but with the death rate climbing and many people refusing to wear masks, we need to also be proactive during these times.

I am so very proud of our healers who, even though our doors are not open, work tirelessly behind the scenes attending to the growing need for Covid-19 related cries for help.
Be assured that all requests sent to us receive quick attention and are transferred to a Healing Team which will contact you so that you will be given personal attention during your healing journey. This way you can speak to your Healer and keep in contact with each other as you get better.

We look forward to the Healing mission continuing once we all get vaccines over the next few months. Please stay safe in the meantime. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9AM to 12 NOON. You may call the office at 941-953-6620 and Tina will be pleased to help you.

Stay safe.
Rev. Lisa Johnson,
Minister of Healing

From the Hands of Light Committee…

“Remember all the wonderful coffee hours this dedicated committee provided for us?”
Due to the Pandemic, the HOL team is still not meeting. I do, however, reach out to them via the FOCUS and HOL team emails. This month I reminded them that if they are not yet on Constant contact and wish to continue attending our services, to please reach out to me or Tina so they can be added to Constant Contact, and therefore receive the Zoom link. There are a couple of people that joined just after the first of the year last year, that I believe were brand new and had not previously been added to our Constant Contact list.

Respectful submitted
HOL Team Leader,
Sherry Brune

Infinite Insights

Thought Is A Magnet

Thoughts are things; they are real. Your feelings and emotions are built upon energy and they give life to your thoughts. The power that you put behind your thoughts acts as a magnet to bring your desires back to you.

Whatever you think, you are. Whatever you think, you create. In the scriptures we read, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” So if you think of success, it can be yours. The power of your thoughts will draw success to your life just as a magnet draws steel to itself.

The power of the mind is much greater than most people realize. They treat it lightly because they cannot see thought, nor can they imagine how thought can have power. A few individuals may be interested in the process of thinking, but rare is the person who appreciates the power of the substance of his thoughts. Those who do know about the power of thought should work to create good.

Discover for yourself the power of thought. Experiment with happy, positive thoughts and you will soon reap the reward of so small an effort. You can choose to work constructively with your power of thought. Send out the power and let it draw things back to you as though it were a magnet. If you send out a negative or destructive thought, however, be prepared to draw the substance of it back to yourself.

As you experiment with uplifting thoughts and vibrations, always do it with the intention of doing something beneficial. You will, without doubt, be able to see the evidence of your thought power.

~ You are loved. ~

Publishing Committee News…

Thanks to all who have purchased our Center of Light’s very special BOOK and CD, co-created with Spirit for your upliftment and expansion. Your support in this way is truly helpful and appreciated during these challenging times. Likewise, the deeply loving and inspirational messages in these spiritually-rich resources have too been helpful to so many. Get yours today at

BOOK $20: Pearls of Light – A Gift from Spirit; Handbook for Awakening the Soul

AUDIO CD $14: The Voices of Spirit – Teachings of the Angels; Famous People – Volume 1

These truly unique and extraordinary collaborative works, inspired and guided by Spirit, were manifested to help us come to understand, and to remember, the nature of our spiritual being and the metaphysics of human life – especially now in a world in great need of positive change. Our true purpose often eludes the human soul in the development of greater awareness and expansion of consciousness. The spiral-bound, paperback book contains nearly 60 inspirationally curated lectures and dialogues from Master Teachers in Spirit, Content topics include Self Awareness, Conscious Understanding of Universal Truth, Awareness of Available Help, and Call to Action. It also contains value-added affirmations, workbook pages, and additional special content for your benefit. The professionally produced audio CD of Rev. Dorothy’s trance work, famous people in this first CD release, is highly recommended for you to experience the energy of these well-known, wise, and loving luminaries and their important messages of love.

Thank you and God bless!
Jen Blecher

March 2021 Reminders
March 6: Basic Concepts class on ZOOM (2 PM)
March 8: Opening of Ballots on ZOOM (7 PM)
March 21: Elizabeth Wilson

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