May 2017 Focus

Honoring Mother by Rev. Jim Toole

There are aspects of our being that are our natural characteristics. Two of them not only make up our genders, they are one of the most important “balancing acts” of our existence, spiritual and human. From an earthly point of view, male and female distinguishes the boys from the girls. On a spiritual level, the balance and harmony of our masculine and feminine dramatically influences our presence, passion, power and purpose.

Masculine and feminine are the essence of the energies of our power and our allowance. The energy of life and creation that flows through every moment of the cycles and rhythms our existence must have a channel or a vessel to flow into and through. We are not one or the other, we are both.

On Mother’s Day we celebrate the feminine, the Divine feminine. We acknowledge, validate and show our gratitude and love to those who have literally been the channel through which our heavenly experience has become our earthly experience. Our mothers are those who “brought us into the world”.

In the same manner there is a masculine Trinity, there is a feminine. Mother Mary representing the heavenly aspects, Mother Earth our worldly connection, and Mother Nature, the energy of life, death and these cycles that surround us always. Each of these represent the highest, deepest and innermost essence of the totality of our being.

We are the soft, gentle, sweet, loving, and inspirational energy and light that Mother Mary represents beyond any religious or philosophical reference. Our roots are deep within the earth, and we are the grounded, nurturing, supportive, experiential, real, true, here and now essence of Mother Earth. Our life is filled with the cycles of birth, renewal, revitalization, transformation, death and rebirth which we experience within ourselves in the same manner as we do Mother Nature all around us.

Reach up to allow the fullness of your highest feminine nature to open a gateway within you that allows for the fullness of your power and presence to flow into and through you. Stand firmly on the foundation that the earth is below you, offering you all that she is for your life. Allow yourself to be embraced by the life that surrounds you, ever present and ever-changing as Mother Nature. Recognize that you are blessed and share your gratitude, love, respect, honor, joy, love and light with your mother, wherever she is, and with the Trinity of the Divine feminine on this Mother’s Day.

Blessing Bowl Donations in 2017

Thanks to your generosity, we have given the following:

January            Children’s Sunday School                    $  260

February          Nate’s Animal Sanctuary                     $  300

March              Tidewell Hospice                                $  234

April                 Everyday Blessings                             $  500

May                 Mother’s Helping Mothers

June                 Threshold Choir

July                  All Faiths Food Bank – Children

August             Casa de Kids

September       Pastors Discretionary Fund

October           SPARCC

November        All Faiths Food Bank + Food

December        Everyday Blessings (Christmas)


May Classes, Workshops, and Events

 May 1st, Monday, Basic Concepts-Part 1 of 2 with Rev. Jim, 7:30-9:00pm, Ed. Center, no charge and open to all.

May 2nd, Tuesday, Healing with Essential Oils with Rev. Cyndy Mayer, 7:30-9:00pm, Flexer Healing Chapel, $15.  This is a Vibrational Healing Elective.

May 3rd, Wednesday, Healers Healing Healers, 6:00-6:30pm, Sanctuary.

May 6th, Saturday, Psychic Saturday, 10:30-1:00pm, Davis Hall and Flexer Healing Chapel

May 8th, Monday, Basic Concepts-Part 2 of 2 with Rev. Jim, 7:30-9:00pm, Ed. Center, no charge and open to all.

May 9th, Tuesday, Healing with Crystals with Rev. Julie Fox, 7:30-9:00pm, Flexer Healing Chapel, $15.  This is a Vibrational Healing Elective.

May 11th, Thursday, How You Can Say No Without Feeling Guilty with Karin Ireland, 7:30-9:00pm, Davis Hall, $15.

May 13th, Saturday, Board Meeting, 10:00am-Noon,  Center Office.

May 13th, Saturday, Sound Sister’s Concert, 7:00-8:00pm, Sanctuary, Suggested Donation $15.

May 18th, Thursday, From Intuition to Mediumship-Part 1 with Eric Cargill and Gerald O’Hara, 7:30-9:30pm, Davis Hall, $30.

May 20th, Saturday, Death Café, 1:30-3:00pm, Ed. Center

May 20th, Saturday, Deep Trance with Eric Cargill and Gerald O’Hara, 7:00-9:00pm, Chapel, $30.

May 21st, Sunday, Talk with Gerald O’Hara, 10:30 service.  Book Launch follows service.

May 21st, Sunday, Talk with Eric Cargill, 7:00pm service.  Eric and Gerald give messages.

Book Launch follows service.

 May 22nd, Monday, From Intuition to Mediumship-Part 2 with Eric Cargill and Gerald O’Hara,

7:30-9:30pm, Davis Hall, $30.

May 27th, Saturday, Movie Night, 7:00pm, Davis Hall, love offering.

May 28th, Sunday, Hands of Light meeting, 5:30pm, Ed. Center.


Fridays, Developing Consciousness with Rev. Jim, 6:00-7:15pm, Ed. Center, $10 love donation.



The first Wednesday, May 3rd is dedicated to Healers Healing Healers in the Sanctuary at 6:00pm.  All Certified Healers are invited to join us.

If you or anyone you know is in need of absentee healing or special prayers please call the office 941-953-6620 and ask to have Rev. Jim or Rev. Lisa contact you so we can add you to our absentee healing list.  You will also be added to our Prayer Bowl in the Sanctuary.  If anyone is in need of a home visit or a hospital visit please call the office number.  Plan to attend our Wednesday evening Candlelight Healing Service at 7:00pm.  You need not be a member to receive Divine Healing.

Divine ~ Spiritual Healing is available on Psychic Saturdays in the Flexer Healing Chapel.  Several Healers are available to you between the hours of 10:30 – 1:00.

Elective Healing Classes

Mega gratitude goes to Joan Volpe for presenting an Introduction to Shaman Healing class.  Healing occurred for individuals as well as for the collective students attending.  Ruth Ann Smith’s class on Self-Healing Techniques was well attended and she presented valuable information on her topic.  Thank You Ladies for sharing your knowledge.

On May 2nd Rev. Cyndy Mayer will be presenting powerful healing modalities with Essential Oils.

Tuesday, May 9th Rev. Julie Fox will present Healing with Crystals as an elective class that all are welcome to attend.


Sincere Gratitude for Heart Centered Kindness & Acts of Service

A special Thank You goes to Rev. Jim and all of the Mediums who made our 2017 Divine Light Service so special.  Rev. Karen, Rev. Sharon, Rev. Lisa, Rev. Diana, Karin, Laura and Karen, we were inspired and uplifted by your beautiful messages of Love.

Another loving tribute to Suzanne Geyer and The Choir!  We appreciate your time and talents for bringing such joy to our services.

A big thank you to Rev. Jim for dedicating our springtime services to our beloved Jeff Hemphill, who made his transition on April 12, 2017. Gratitude to our loving Hands of Light Team who prepared food and drinks for Jeff’s reception on Sunday, April 23rd and to all who attended Jeff’s memorial service to honor our loved one.  We hold Jeff in our hearts and will always appreciate his devotion to the Center.

The eggs are in storage and the butterflies are now adorning our seasonal tree thanks to our team of helpers.  Gratitude to Jeff, Cyril, Phyllis, Catherine, Lyn, Cindy and Cassie for your help!

Our multi-talented Jen Blecher has out done herself again.  We can’t possibly thank Jen enough for creating beautiful works of art for Eric Cargill’s workshops, the advertisements, posters and flyers for Gerald O’Hara’s book about our founder, Rev. Dorothy Flexer.  Jen, you make us smile and happy!

Let us catch you doing something inspiring in next month’s column.

It takes a Village to keep our Center of Light glowing brightly!


A Note from the Board

Thank you for your generous support of the stained-glass fundraiser.  We achieved our goal and work is in progress to repair the stained-glass.

The Board continues in the process of negotiating rental contracts to provide for more income for the Center.

We invite you to share any ideas or suggestions and welcome you to offer your time and energy in assisting with any project or serving on any committee.  Please contact any board member for information about these opportunities in becoming more involved in our SCOL community.  It is in becoming involved that we evolve.

Thank You,

Your 2017 Board of Directors


Healing Story           

Submitted by Rev. Marie Rowe

In the Spring of 1993, I was privileged to have served as a teacher and healer to Cliff and his wife, Ellie.  They attended the series of healing classes I was giving.  Cliff had a brain tumor and was trying everything he could to restore himself to health.  Finally, about a year later, he knew he was losing the battle and getting ready to make the transition.  He wrote a little eulogy for himself to be read at his funeral and he called it:  Cliff Notes.  In it he said:  “I’ve learned that time is a gift.  I thought I would have more of it.  We need to take more chances and stop putting off our dreams.  I thought I had time to become a dad:  I know I would have been a good one.  I would teach my child how precious time is and how limited.  I ask each of you here what have you been putting off?  What part of your life is on hold?  What are you waiting for?  Thanks to my teachers and healers who helped me to open my heart.  Thoughts of death once terrified me!  You taught me there is no death, but a release, a surrender, a passage.”

It has been my experience that when you teach someone healing, you give them a gift – the gift of learning to help themselves.  When you teach them about death, you inspire them to live and life becomes more precious.

We express the God qualities by being the eyes and ears, heart and hands, powered by Spirit to help others.  If we can bring love and peace to even one individual while we are on this Earth, we have given back of the gifts the Father has given us.  Let us express our appreciation for anyone who has made a commitment to nurturing and supporting others.


Join Eric Cargill & Gerald O’Hara

Two Part Workshop:  “From Intuition to Mediumship”

This is an opportunity to deepen your bond with Spirit for inspired speaking, healing and demonstrating.  These workshops will also help people link with Spirit to deepen their connections and guides and loved ones to feel the inspiration at a closer level in everyday activities.   All levels of experience are welcome for these workshops.

Deep Trance Demonstration – Reservations required as this is limited seating

For times and dates please see last page.  Call Center office today to make your reservations.

Children’s Sunday Circle       


It is hard to believe we have completed another successful school year. Our children are masters at meditating! They have had a whole school year of spiritual growth and learning. One of our favorite times this year was going into the healing garden and simply chasing butterflies all morning! It was fun to just be in the moment.

We will be breaking for summer vacation.  Our last day of school is May 28th. We will see you in September!

We will also be closed for Mother’s Day this month.


Love and light,

Your SCOL teachers


Ed Team                               

May is an exciting month for educational workshops at the Center.

Karin Ireland will guide you through the process of discovering why you say yes when you want to say no in her workshop “How You Can Say No Without Feeling Guilty”, Thursday, May 11th in Davis Hall from 7:30-9pm for $15. Join us for this empowering workshop.

Eric Cargill and Gerald O’Hara will present two workshops that deepen your ability to connect with spirit and express spiritually in the world. Part I of “From Intuition to Mediumship” will be on Thursday, May 18th, in Davis Hall from 7:30-9pm. Cost is $30. The following week join us for Part II of “From Intuition to Mediumship” in Davis Hall from 7:30-9pm on Monday, May 22nd. Cost is $30. These workshops are open to all levels of experience. Continue your journey to develop your connection with guides and loved ones.

Saturday, May 20th Eric Cargill and Gerald O’Hara will offer a “Deep Trance” demonstration in the Chapel, from 7-9pm. Cost is $30. Reservations are required as seating is limited. In this unique experience hear from guides, loved ones or famous people.

Gerald O’Hara has written a book on the origins and history of the Sarasota Center of Light. Meet the author and buy a signed copy of “I Come to the Garden” after the AM and PM Sunday services on May 21st.

Hands of Light

The Hands of Light team was honored to serve the refreshments following the Celebration of Life service for Jeff Hemphill on April 24rd.

Come enjoy the fellowship and divine offerings of food on Sunday morning and evening coffee hour on May 7th in Davis Hall.

Following the Sunday morning and evening services on May 21st, Hands of Light will be hosting a reception for Gerald O’Hara’s book, “I Come to the Garden,”  that honors our founders, Dorothy and Dr. Russel Flexer.

We always welcome new volunteers.  Please join us at our next meeting on May 28th in the Ed. Center at 5:30 p.m.

The Hands of Light Team


Order Your Copy of “I Come to the Garden” Now!


Have your book signed by author Gerald O’Hara on

SUNDAY, May 21st



Order Forms are available in the Sanctuary or call the Center Office


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