Returning To Innocence by Rev. Just Jim Toole

Mother’s Day reminds us of the person who “brought us into this world“ as an innocent newborn baby. We emerged into the world from the protection and comfort of our mother’s womb. We are in a time of venturing out from the safety and seclusion of our separation in our homes into the world in a new way. How we do this will determine the quality of life we are able to experience as humanity.

Innocence is not just defined as not guilty. It is The quality of not judging, of releasing how things are or have to be. This is vital to create openings for creating something, especially creating something new. This is where we are now.
If we choose to maintain habits, patterns and life cycles we have learned before this, we will not take advantage of the opportunity for the rebirth and renewal created by the circumstances and situations of the process of this virus event we are in the middle of. I say were in the middle of this virus process instead of nearing the end of it because we are at a critical turning point for ourselves, not it.

This is not about statistics, numbers or guidelines. This is about being willing to let go of what we have been and done to allow our innocence to set us free into an expression of our Spirits. It’s about returning to that place of simplicity that is the origin of who we are and the catalyst that will make a powerful difference for each and all of us.
This is not about creating a strategy or trying to figure it out. This kind of practicality will naturally evolve as we consciously make our way. It’s about trusting our innocent truth, the deeper inner knowing of our intuition.
As Mother’s Day comes and goes this month, let’s follow what she would have taught us, “do what’s right, be kind, and play nice with your friends.” OK, it may not have sounded quite like that, but you get my point. It’s really just about caring about each other while we go back out to play on this playground of life we call our world.

Let’s take a deep breath in and as we let it out, let go of what has been, turn within to find our inner knowing and truth and let our Spirit guide our decisions and actions as we step out together back into our lives. Let’s choose to live consciously, treating each other with kindness, compassion, consideration, respect, understanding, love and light. In this way we can create a new paradigm of living free and well-being as we are Returning To Innocence.

Have a blessed May and Mother’s Day!

President’s Message

As President of the Board of Directors I have had an interesting experience this last couple of months. We all have had a tremendous amount of interesting and different experiences recently.

As newly elected president of the board I felt like I jumped off the deep end into the deep water. When I was elected the virus was apparently in this country, but we were not yet aware of it. Since then it has turned everything upside down for all of us.
Your Board here at SCOL has taken a very positive attitude and has taken a lot of positive action. During this time, we have replaced some carpet that was dangerous. We have corrected potentially dangerous bubbles in other carpeted areas.
We are in the middle of a total remodeling and decorating the foyer where you enter the sanctuary building. It is going to be beautiful! We are moving the library to a very convenient location and setting it up so that there is some possibility to expand it. (I bet some of you did not even know we had a lending library.)

We are starting to do some “beautifying” work on the grounds, especially in front of the main Sanctuary.
While this has been going on Rev. Jim and the Education Committee have worked closely to change the structure of some of our courses. Our healing curriculum and our mediumship curriculum have not changed however they are currently being offered on Zoom. It sounds very strange to offer a healing course on the Internet; however, some of the powerful/spiritual relationship that has occurred in this class has been truly amazing. At the same time some of our other classes have been reconfigured so that they can be presented as individual classes rather than a series so that they can be presented on Facebook. What this means is there is no charge for these classes, and everyone is welcome. The response has been fantastic.

Rev. Jim has worked very hard putting us in a spot to facilitate these classes on Facebook live as well as – – the Sunday Service and the Wednesday Service. These services are available on Facebook at regular time. Now with some of the regulations close to being lifted we may soon have someone else joining Rev. Jim to do readings and presentations and having music live from the Sanctuary.

I have found it wonderfully comfortable during this time to go to the services and feel as though I am (sort of) sitting in the comfort of our own Sanctuary.

The one other thing that I am extremely happy to mention:
The entire board and ministerial committee have maintained a consciousness of abundance during this time. Although we are certainly not anywhere close to receiving the revenue that we would have in normal times the contributions and class fees have been reasonably abundant and very heartwarming.
To those of you who have found it comfortable to contribute to your CHURCH / CENTER, I say, “Thank you”. Gerry

Education Committee

Greetings Dear Friends,

As we approach another month, the Education Committee continues to shelter in place and follow the safe health practices needed to remain well. We hope all of you are doing so also. It is such a strange time for all of us. For those comfortable with accessing spiritual messages and classes electronically, there are a number of opportunities to stay connected and maintain spiritual growth. Thanks to Rev. Jim for continuing to offer Healing and Mediumship classes. For those less inclined to participate with a computer, we suggest that you draw upon your personal library and/or spiritual messages you may have saved from times past, to remain spiritually centered. Daily readings tend to be helpful.

This is a wonderful time to strengthen or become better acquainted with a meditation practice. I was happy to learn years ago that the term “meditation” covers such a wide range of activities. Sitting quietly listening to the birds, slowing your breathing, and just being calm is one form of meditation. Walking in silence with a focus on each time your foot is raised and then placed on the ground quiets the mind and helps to go within. Soon you will be in a meditative state. Vipassana meditation focuses on your breath, paying attention to each inhale and exhale. If the mind strays, it is time to focus once again on the breath.

The Education Committee is hopeful that you will take time to honor and care for yourself. We look forward to the time we will be able to hold classes and events at the Center once again. Until then, please check the website and Constant Contact for the online offerings given by Rev. Jim during the month of May.

Many blessings to you,
Joan Volpe, Chair

Hands of Light

The Hands of Light team has six new members interested in what we do at the center after the recruitment coffee hour in March. Welcome to our members!!

We are still formulating plans for another fundraiser in the fall by celebrating 2020 with a Roaring 20’s Dance Party! If anyone has any new ideas for additional fundraisers, please contact Sherry and the rest of the team.
As our center remains closed indefinitely, we will still communicate with the HOL team by email and continue to plan for the future.

Be well, be safe. We will be together again soon.

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