NOVEMBER 2019 Focus Newsletter

History and Heritage by Rev. Jim Toole

Congratulations to Sarasota Center of Light on your 70th anniversary as a church and a center in Sarasota! Thank you Rev. Dorothy and Dr. Russell for following your heart and being inspired by your soul, as well as Spirit, and creating in 1949 a point of light that reflects the brilliance and beauty of God.

The two of you were pioneers establishing not only a church, a religion and philosophy that has made such a difference for so many for so long.

As we celebrate our 70th anniversary we look back on the long history of who you and Dr. Russell were, all that you did to make a difference and the wonderful information you left behind to continue to inspire us and to help others. History and memories are important. Even more important is the heritage that you created that is the foundation and fabric of who we are and who we are becoming.

Rev. Dorothy and Dr. Russell, all who have followed in your footsteps have carried on your vision and purpose. The energy, information and inspiration you have shared and we continue to share is the resonance of the heritage we continue to carry forward.

You have made history establishing and anchoring the foundation we stand upon today as a Center of Light, stepping out into the world to share our heritage and to continue to bring, guided by Spirit, openings and opportunities for people to find truth, purpose and fulfillment in themselves and their lives.

Thank you to all who have chosen to be a part of who we were, who we are and who we are becoming. As a metaphysical church and education center, we step out into our future, holding true to our heritage and continue to evolve our expression for the highest and best of each and all.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we hold deep and profound gratitude for the privilege to carry on the heritage and vision that makes Sarasota Center of Light the Sanctuary of Spirit that transforms lives and make a difference in the world.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

November Classes, Workshops, and Events

Nov. 2, Saturday, Psychic Saturday, 10:30-1:00 p.m., 15 minute Readings-$20. Vibrational Healing-love donation. Davis Hall and Flexer Healing Chapel.

Nov. 3, Sunday, Founder’s Day Celebration. We will be having a special Sunday Morning Celebration, (Spiritual Healing available 10:30-11:00 a.m.) at 11:00 a.m. A wonderful coffee hour, a peace pole rededication and so much more as we celebrate our 70th Anniversary as a Spiritual Center in Sarasota!

Nov. 5, Tuesday, Timeless Teachings – Secrets of Universal Laws with Paul and Caroline Crawford. 7:00-9:00 p.m. Sharing in the energy of these profound teachings you will feel a stronger connection to the guidance and purpose of your soul. These wisdom teachings are conveyed in a way that are easy to understand and integrate, allowing you to lie in greater alignment with the Universal Laws and your true nature. $20. Learning Center.

Nov. 6, Wednesday, Healers Healing Healers 6:00 p.m. Sanctuary.

Nov. 12, Tuesday, ACIM Discussion Group with Joan Volpe. 5:30-6:45 p.m. Deepen your understanding of metaphysical principles through a study of ‘A Course in Miracles” (ACIM). $10. Learning Center.

Nov. 19, Tuesday, Ascension In Everyday Life with Rev. Jim Toole. 7:00-9:00 p.m. Explore how ascension can be a powerful and important pathway in your daily life helping take your Spiritual Path to an elevated level. Learn how to connect to, interact with and experience the energy, guidance and support of the masters and angels and the difference it makes in your life. All are welcome. $15. No one turned away.

President’s Message

The month of November has special significance for the Sarasota Center of Light. Seventy (70) years ago on November 4th, our founders, Rev. Dorothy and Dr. Russell Flexer, held the first service of our spiritual home in Sarasota. At the dedication ceremony of our church, it was stated that the physical structure would be an island of Light, a place of Peace, a House Of God. Rev. Dorothy exemplified the teaching that “spirituality is a way of living.”

At our celebration this year on November 3rd, we shall honor the work and memory of Rev. Dorothy with a new publication, PEARLS OF LIGHT which holds many of her teachings received through trance.

On Founder’s Day we also shall celebrate peace with a rededication of a Peace Pole in the Healing Garden. In 2008, a Prism of Light was created to ignite 65 square miles of southwestern Florida. Eight (8) spiritual centers were anchored in that ceremony and we, at the Sarasota Center of Light, were one of the anchors. Over the past 11 years, wind, rain, and insects damaged these wooden poles. We are so grateful that the initiators of that 2008 ceremony, Jo Mooy and Patricia Cockerill, will lead our rededication celebration on November 3rd. We will be joined by the Venice Peace Project which has partnered with our Center to purchase and dedicate the Peace Pole.

Many Blessings to you,

Blessing Bowl

Each month on the second Sunday at both services and at the Wednesday Candlelight service, a special collection is made to benefit a charitable organization.

The total collected in October was $137 for SPARCC Thank you to everyone.

Founder’s Day on November 4, 2019

Since 1949, the Center has been devoted to offering the inspiration and principles of Metaphysical Spirituality as a way of life that empowers individuals to find their connection to God, Source, Spirit and express their True Self.

Celebrate our 70th Anniversary on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD.
Be a part of the celebration during and after the morning and evening Services.

Healing Ministry

We thank all of our healers for being channels of healing energy and being of service at the center. Our basic healing class curriculum will begin again in January. Refresher and advanced healing classes are being developed to be scheduled for next year. Anyone interested in learning about healing please contact Phyllis Lambert or Rev. Jim.

A healers meeting was held on October 6 after the morning service. It was a chance for the healers to connect and share. A decision was made to meet on a monthly basis after the second morning celebration of the month in Flexer Chapel to share healing with one another (Healers Healing Healers) and have a potluck or go out to lunch after.

We are here to support you in your health and well-being. Whether you are facing a physical challenge or otherwise, we are here for you in your daily life. We are always available to send energy, healing and inspiration.

Anyone who would like to receive healing may call or email the Center office or go to the contact page of our website. Rev. Lisa Johnson oversees this process. Our healers are dedicated to be there with the healing you need. Someone is always there for you. Let us know how we can support you.

Hands of Light

The October 13th clean-up of Davis Hall was very successful! The beauty of nature is now visible through the newly cleaned windows and screens. Everything has been scrubbed down and is now sparkling. THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the hardworking people who came out to help.

Founders Day is November 3rd to celebrate our 70th anniversary. HOL is sponsoring a potluck luncheon after the morning service. A sign-up sheet is available in the Sanctuary if you would like to bring something to share. There will be a Peace Pole dedication in the Healing Garden, the History table, raffle items and our books and CDs to purchase. Please join us as we toast and celebrate our Center of Light.

Preparations for Elegant Evening with Spirit, our largest fundraiser, are under way and all of the tickets are sold with a waiting list. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the attire is semi-formal (dressy). There will be a silent auction of some wonderful prizes and also a raffle ticket item on each table, so bring your piggy bank, checkbook, or credit cards!!!!

HOL is going to support Springboard, a division of Everyday Blessings, which is for children who have aged out of foster care. This year there are 6 and we would like to raise $100 and purchase gift cards for Christmas stockings for each student.

The Hands of Light team is open to anyone who wishes to join us in bringing fun and social events to the Center. We meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 5:30 in Davis Hall before the evening service.

All are welcome, please join us!

Education Committee

Educational opportunities abound over the next few months. International medium, Bill Coller, has returned to the Center to share his gifts as a medium and teacher. Bill is offering private readings and may have some openings in early November. Please call the office for more information.

New faces are joining our team of educational presenters. Kathy Sun offered two workshops on Meditation in October. Meditation is a key ingredient to developing spirituality and promoting good health and well-being. If you joined us for either of these workshops and would like to have more meditation offerings at the Center, please contact Joan Volpe at

On November 5, Caroline and Paul Crawford are presenting a workshop on the Secrets of Universal Laws in the Learning Center. Universal Laws are near and dear to the beliefs of metaphysicians and help us to integrate the science and religion of our spiritual practices. Originally from Great Britain and newly located in Sarasota, come and welcome the Crawfords.

Basic Mediumship classes will be held in the Chapel every Thursday evening in November (except Thanksgiving). Other workshops and classes are detailed in flyers and on the website. If you have questions about a particular class or workshop, please call the office at 941-953-6620.

By popular request, Rev. Jim will offer another class on ascension, entitled Ascension in Everyday Life and Joan Volpe will continue facilitating a Course in Miracles discussion group. Please watch the Bulletin for details.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving,
The Education Committee, Joan Volpe, Chair

Infinite Insights

Praise and giving thanks are powerful forces for good. The power of praise never fails. When we praise and give thanks, things usually adjust to better states of being. Praising and giving thanks is a powerful harmonizing force to be used daily. If we learn to praise the God manifesting in all things, we’ll feel every cell and nerve of our being vibrating with new life.

Many need to be praised and age eliminates no one. Adults are children at heart and need praise, too. Praise makes something inside stir us into being better people. Praise of another when all seems dark for him may be the key to his getting ahead or to his whole future happiness.

We must have faith that spiritual law takes care of us at all times. By praising we set in motion a force that has magical increasing power. Through praise we will discover blessings we never knew existed. Expressing praise can be a good habit which acts as a barrier to failure and a magnet to all good things we desire in life. When we praise the smallest bit of good that comes to us, we will recognize that good increasing and developing into radiant conditions for us. Praise costs nothing but it enriches those who give it as well as those who receive it. A good word spoken sincerely blesses the one who speaks it.

An ungrateful heart cannot attract blessings to itself. A thankful one filled with the magic of praise will find every hour of the day a time for blessings. Learn to understand the magic of praise and use it wisely for good.

You are loved. 

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