November 2017 Focus

November 2017 Focus

ThanksGIVING by Rev. Jim Toole

Thanksgiving is a time for families, gatherings, dinners and an opportunity for us to think about what we have in our lives and the lives that we live.  As we begin to take a look around us, it is as important for us to take a look within.  Thanksgiving is so much more than celebrating being thankful.

During the period of the “first Thanksgiving” Pilgrims and Native Americans not only shared a meal, they shared who they were, what they knew and what they had to help better each others’ lives.  When we stop and look more closely at the word thanksgiving, it reaches beyond giving thanks.

There is a holiday sense of Thanksgiving, a more intimate family connection associated with it, and most importantly, it creates an opening within each to express, share and BE who we truly are.  By taking the time to look within to see who and what we’ve become, and look around us to see what we have created and manifested in our lives, we become grateful.

Gratitude allows for us to feel full or fulfilled.  To recognize that not only do we have what we need, we are surrounded by and filled with the infinite and unlimited nature of Life, Spirit, and God.  Gratitude creates an opening within which we release need and experience the freedom that inspires us to reach out and share who we are and what we have.

Let this Thanksgiving be more than a Gratitude list, a meal shared with friends and family, a celebration of thankfulness and a prayer of thanks for ourselves and each other.  Allow gratitude to set you free into the flow of your Spirit  and the reflection of your Love in such a way that all that you choose to do and be during this Thanksgiving holiday becomes an expression of GIVING, without limits, in unity with each and all.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you, your families, our community and the world!


2017 SCOL Board

President                     Joan Volpe                     Trustee                            Rev. Lisa Johnson

Vice President           Ben Porter                    Trustee                               Mark Roach 

Treasurer                     Ed. Muniz                       Senior Pastor                 Rev. Jim Toole

Secretary                     Rev. Marie Rowe          Marketing Liaison        Vicki Palma

Trustee                         Laura Horn                   Board, Pastoral Team                              

                                                                             And Congregation:          Jim Young


November Birthdays

Donna Medina               3                  Catherine Kalua                 25

Susan Schmitt               4                  Mark Roach                        27

Ree Meador                   7                  Jeff Rosenthal                    30

Artab Pangallo             19                 Robert Mueller                 30

Kathy Curtin                 20

Phyllis  DiBlasi              21


Blessing Bowl Donations in 2017

Thanks to your generosity, we have given the following:

January            Children’s Sunday School                    $   260

February          Nate’s Animal Sanctuary                     $   300

March             Tidewell Hospice                                    $   234

April                Everyday Blessings                               $   500

May                 Mothers Helping Mothers                   $   295

                        June                 Threshold Choir                                  $   242

July                  All Faiths Food Bank – Children       $   232

August             Casa de Kids                                        $1,240

September      Red Cross/Hurricane Relief             $   192

October           SPARCC                                                $   209

November       All Faiths Food Bank + Food

December       Everyday Blessings (Christmas)


President’s Message

                                 “The future belongs to those who believe in the

                                  beauty of their dreams.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

As we step into our future we are reminded again and again by Spirit that by aligning with Spiritual Law all good comes to us.  As the shamans say, “We dream our world into being.”

SCOL is in the center of a vortex of energy that carries us to higher and higher realms of possibility.  We look around and see the many manifestations of expansion.  To start, we now have a full Board of Directors with the appointment of Ben Porter as Vice President. Ben comes to SCOL with years of business and church experience. He is a team player with an eye for creativity. We welcome Ben into the SCOL family.

The plans to involve visiting ministers are taking shape and we will soon be announcing a full roster of ministers and mediums. Our goal is to bring enlightenment, hope and healing to the community.

Dreams of success and growth take many forms and many hands to bring the ideas to fruition.  A dream without action is just a plan.  SCOL’s dreams are manifesting because of your involvement. We thank the many people who have stepped forward to assist, to breathe life into the dreams.  The Music and Messages event in October is a tribute to the many folks who helped plan and organize this event.  With over 100 attendees and sweet truffles to start the evening, we experienced a fun, inspirational and blessed event.

We are living the dream. Come join our teams and committees.  We welcome your ideas and the many forms of assistance you provide.

With blessings of abundance and peace,

Joan N. Volpe, Ph.D.


Founders’ Day Challenge

In honor of the founding of our Center 68 years ago, a member has donated the amount of $68, one dollar in honor of each birthday year.  Founders’ Day reminds us of the rich history of our Center and the foundation that was laid down for us today.  In keeping with the spirt of celebration, we need to support our Center, not only in our regular contributions, but in special gift giving throughout the year and most especially during the founding month of November.

As a member and/or friend of our Center, will you accept the challenge of donating a special Founders’ Day contribution of $68 or other amount you choose?  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Remember that as we give, so do we receive.  Your Board of Directors


Ed Team                               

Co-chairs of the Education Committee, Linda Viddish and Noreen Rosati, would like to invite you to be part of our Education Committee.  Anyone interested in participating please contact the office.

We have three new classes scheduled for November. Diana Mier will be teaching How to Receive a Message on Nov 6 at 7:30pm. Learn more about what is happening during a message service or reading in relationship to you and the medium.

On Nov 14 at 7:30 PM, Rev. Marie Rowe will be offering Angels, Loved Ones and Guides, a lecture followed by discussion and questions and answers.

Come join Rev. Lisa on Nov 28 at 7:30 PM for Introduction to Healing and Why It Is Successful. Learn to attune to the divine energy, share and experience deep healing, peace and health.

If you are interested in teaching please contact the office. The process for teaching at the Sarasota Center of Light begins with submitting a proposal to the Education Team.  These Class/Workshop Proposal forms are available by contacting Tina in the office.

Be sure to get your proposal in if you’re interested in teaching.  Classes are being formed for 2018.  Even if you’re not interested in teaching, please let us know any ideas for classes you would like to see taught at the center.  Keep your eye on the schedule for upcoming certification classes in healing and mediumship along with classes, workshops and events on a wide variety of topics and subjects.


Children’s Sunday Circle

Greetings to all:

November we will be focusing on an attitude of gratitude.  How does it feel to be thankful?  What are we thankful for?

Please note that our Sunday school program will be open only on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month now.  Thank you.

Love and Light, Ms. Elizabeth


Music and Messages

What a wonderful Music and Message event we had on Sunday, October 22!  We are scheduling another fun and inspiring evening, on November 19 at 7 PM. Enjoy music performed by Mike Markaverich and Spirit Messages from Mediums, Karen Slember, Sharon Hill and Rev Jim Toole between selections.  Enjoy an exciting and uplifting evening of beautiful music and connection with Spirit in the Sanctuary.  Donations only.


ANGEL HOTLINE Question:  “How can I tell when my loved ones in spirit are around me?”                Signed:  Wondering

Dear Wondering:  That song that just played on the radio, did it remind you of a loved one in spirit?  You were looking at pictures and all of a sudden a loved one’s picture stood out above the rest.  Did it bring back memories of a close link with that person?  Upon waking, was your name whispered in your ear and it sounded just like your mother?  Did the telephone ring and when you looked at the screen, was it the phone number of your sister in sprit?  When you answered it, no one was there.  Did the clock radio turn on all by itself at the precise time your loved one passed?  I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.  Our loved ones come very close to us often throughout the day.  A fleeting thought, a sound, a light flickering, a doorbell ringing with no one there are many ways they manifest to us to let us know they are around.  They are especially able to get our attention via any electric or electronic device;  computers, light switches, doorbells, telephone, television, radios, etc. So keep an open heart and be receptive to whisperings from spirit.  You will be richly rewarded. NOTE:  THE RESULT OF LAST MONTH’S JOB INTERVIEW:  THE INQUIRER LANDED HER DREAM JOB.  YAYYYYYYY!!!! The Angel Hotline welcomes your questions on metaphysical themes.  If your question is selected, the Angel Hotline will answer you in the next edition of the Focus.Publication of every question is not guaranteed.Send to:


Blessing Bowl

Each month on the second Sunday at both services and at the Wednesday Candlelight service, a special collection is made to benefit a charitable organization.  The total collected in October was $209 for SPARCC(Safe Place And Rape Crisis Center).

Gratitude to One and All!


Healing Ministry

The first Wednesday, November 1st , is dedicated to Healers Healing Healers in the Sanctuary at 6:00pm.  All Certified Healers and student healers are invited to join us for this special time set aside for us to receive the gift of healing and to replenish our bodies and souls.

We have had great success in our new approach to absent healing and meeting the needs of our community.

Anyone requiring healing can call or email the Center office or go to the web page and request that a healer contact them and attend to their situation via absent healing.

We now have groups of specially trained healers to become your advocate – a team will be appointed and immediately begin the prayers and healing modality to fit your needs.

Our healing Minister, Rev. Lisa Johnson, will be your phone or email contact and will monitor your progress.  After one week she will contact you and continue the absent healing if needed.  All our healers are dedicated so that no one belonging to our Center will be alone when help is needed.

Rev. Lisa Johnson:  941-822-0255Center Office:  941-953-6620,



Hands of Light

Members and Friends,

Our Founder’s Day Celebration will take place on Sunday, November 5th, starting at 12:30pm.

At the celebration a “History Table’ will host memories of Rev. Dorothy and our Center.  You will see touches of pink throughout which was her favorite color and one of her favorite recipes will be served.

Food, beverages, raffles and music …..

Celebrate with us!

For more information or to join, please contact team leader, Laura Horn at 941-567-5723.

Blessings to All, Hands of Light Team


November Classes, Workshops, and Events

Nov. 1st  Wednesday, Healers Healing Healers, 6:00-6:30pm, Sanctuary.

Nov. 2nd, Thursday, Automatic (Spirit) Writing with Doug Plaskett, 7:30-9:00pm, Ed. Center,  This the last class in the series.  $10 per class.

Nov. 4th , Saturday, Psychic Saturday, 10:30-1:00pm, Davis Hall and Flexer Healing Chapel.

Nov. 5th, Sunday, Founders’ Day Celebration, after morning service, noon – 2:30pm.

Nov. 6th, Monday, How to Receive a Message with Diana Mier, 7:30-9:00pm, Ed. Center, Love Offering.

Learn what is really going on during a message service or reading.  What to expect from the Medium and what is expected of you.

Nov. 14th, Tuesday, Angels, Loved Ones and Guides with Rev. Marie Rowe, 7:30-9:00-m, Ed. Center, $15.

Learn about Angels, Loved Ones and Guides followed by discussion with questions and answers.

Nov. 18th, Saturday, Board Meeting, 10:00-Noon, Center Office.

Nov. 19th, Sunday, Music and Messages with Mike Markaverich, 7:00pm Service, Sanctuary, love donation.

Nov. 28, Tuesday, Introduction to Healing and Why it is Successful with Rev. Lisa Johnson, 7:30-9:00pm, Ed. Center, $15.  Introduction to the art of Healing.  Learn to attune to the divine energy, share and experience deep healing, peace and health.

Nov. 26th, Sunday, Hands of Light meeting, 5:30pm, Davis Hall.


Fridays, Developing Consciousness with Rev. Jim, 6:00-7:15pm, Ed. Center, $10 love donation.

Enjoy a time of connection, checking in with each other, discussing spiritual topics and joining in a channeled mediation.  All are welcome.

Sincere Gratitude

Our heartfelt thanks to Gail Keiser and Becky Zremski who took it upon themselves to rake and clean up the debris in the Healing Garden after Hurricane Irma.               


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