The Masks We Wear by Rev. Jim Toole

As Halloween approaches, it reminds us that we have the opportunity to choose who we want to be and how we are going to portray ourselves. I wonder if anybody has ever thought about going as themselves for Halloween?

We entered into this Covid process, as the song goes, “The Way We Were”. It has each of us in different ways in the way we see ourselves, our lives and the world. Some of us have taken the time to look into what I’ve been calling the spiritual mirror to get a closer look at who we really are. Some of us have gone into hiding trying to figure out how to avoid who keeps showing up. Most of us have landed somewhere in between.

What’s most important, as always, is now. There is a sense of “emerging” back into our lives at this time. It is a perfect and powerful time to ask the question Who Am I? It is an even more powerful time for each of us to look, see, choose and declare Who I Am. This is a statement of purpose and truth that can make a profound difference in how we show up in our lives and with each other.

Knowing and being our truth within is only the beginning. As we begin to reach out from this origin of our expression, we make our way through the layers of our perceptions, understandings and beliefs. Factors such as fear, denial, doubt, clarity, focus and awareness, can affect how heavy or thick these layers are. Depending on our level of being conscious, these layers can become reflections of our authentic self or parts of the mask and costume we wear of our image.

The choice then comes back to be the I Am we are, the image of the masks we wear, or as it is for most of us, a combination of both. When it comes down to the moment of truth when we decide how to portray ourselves in the world, the most important factor is we are being real. Being whoever we see ourselves as right now.

A key factor, although we are all living more in solitude than we have before, is we are in this together. Our coexistence for the highest good is not only determined on how real each of us are. It is determined on the level of soul aspects such as respect, honesty, honor, compassion, acceptance and understanding that we offer in the actions and interactions in our lives.

As fall begins and Halloween approaches, let’s take a look in the spiritual mirror, declare the I Am we are, let it shine so bright that it makes our perceptions, understandings and beliefs transparent. Let’s show up as our hearts and souls expression bringing the qualities of our soul into our lives with each other. Let’s all decide to put aside the Masks We Wear and BE our True Selves for Halloween and this fall season.

Have a wonderful Fall Season and fun Halloween!

President’s Message

Autumn…is such a beautiful season. In many areas, profound symbolism can be seen as leaves change into vibrant colors before letting go of the tree. They silently dance on their way to the ground where they will lie dormant before making the return to their beginning. Change, letting go, dormancy, and re-emergence are natural progressions in life. As our faith teaches us, there is no end in universal creations – only continuation in more evolved forms.

In its own season, for reasons we may never understand, Covid19 brought unimaginable changes to all of us and our Center during 2020. Eventually, it too will let go and drop from our lives. If we choose, we will see a more positive re-emergence each time we access the lessons it brought with it, along with a new, unprecedented appreciation and deep value for life. It may have wounded us, but it has also taught us.

Know that you have an action-minded Board that is working hard to remain steadfast and keep things running smoothly in spite of the hardships created by Covid19. We are a dedicated team that is one hundred percent invested in the re-opening of the Center without compromise to the safety of our members, visitors, and staff. Rest assured, in time our Center will let go of the pandemic that produced a somewhat “consequential dormancy” in our lives and our world. We will re-emerge and we will continue.

Recently a small group of healers assembled in meditation to raise the vibration and energy of our grounds. What ensued, following that meditation, was a dream come true. The Hands of Light Committee then sent out a message reminding volunteers of happier times, particularly during our Psychic Saturday events. All of this generated the circulation of numerous emails from our healers and volunteers, all expressing their gratitude for each other, and all indicating their desire and eagerness to be of service again. As a Board we recognize the value of our volunteers. We also realize how very important it is to offer them the opportunity to be of service.

This Board has an open door and we want to hear from you. We value your input. We value your concerns. We value you.

Blessings for a Beautiful Autumn,
Linda Viddish

October Calendar

Sarasota Center of Light is devoted to the spiritual and physical well-being of each and all of you. As we make our way through this process related to the virus, we continue to maintain your safety in mind in our decisions related to the Center during the reopening of our city and state.

Our classes and services are currently scheduled to continue online. We have been offering our classes on Facebook live as a public service at no charge. We will be adding classes that can be taken on Zoom, online at minimal fees. Thank you for your participation in our services and classes. Be sure to share them to spread the inspiration to as many as possible. We will immediately email and Facebook any changes that may occur at the center.


Sunday Morning Celebration 11:00 a.m.
Join us as we come together as a spiritual family and community, sharing our love and light for ourselves, for each other, our country and the world. Be a part of sharing the energy and illumination of our hearts and souls together through conversation, meditation, a talk and an affirmation.
Will be offered as Facebook Live Sarasota Center of Light.

Healing, Intention and Mediation Wednesdays 7 p.m.
Join us for a time of healing, connection and meditation at 7pm offered by Rev. Jim Toole. Let us all come together and experience the energy and inspiration that can make such a powerful difference in our individual lives, our lives together and for the world. Will be offered as Facebook Live Sarasota Center of Light.

Oct. 6, Tuesday, Living Authentically with Rev. Jim Toole at 7:00 p.m.
Explore how to utilize the 10 steps of living authentically in your daily life. Each holds a key to open a different doorway to freedom, fulfillment and being real in an ever changing world. Learn ways to live more empowered, present and true, as you and with the rest of the world. Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

Oct. 15, Thursday, Inspirational Fundraiser Concert for Sarasota Center of Light at 7: 00 p.m. Join us to enjoy a fantastic concert, offered by inspirational and dynamic professional musicians and an opportunity to be a part of the difference needed in the world right now. During the concerts there will be raffles for great prizes and your donation will act as tickets to the raffle. Join us for the music, connection, prizes and excitement of joining together having fun and helping us help others. Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

Oct. 24, Saturday, The Holy Trinity of Healing in Time of COVID with Dr. Tatiana Huguenin, at 3:30 p.m. Explore pathways to rediscover your True Self. Ways to bring Mind Body and Spirit together moving forward beyond this ever changing world we are in and how to integrate holistic healing practices in your daily life. Enjoy a trinity of inspirational pathways to healing now. Facebook Live, Sarasota Center of Light Facebook Page.

Oct. 27, Tuesday, Transforming Inspiration Into Intuition Rev. Jim Toole, at 7:00 p.m. Explore how to access, experience, embody and integrate inspiration, as intuition, into your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical (practical) aspects of your life and being. Discover how to think, feel, choose, act and BE the flow of your inner knowing (intuition) in these ever changing times. $10 on Zoom. Register on www.sarasotacenteroflight.com calendar page and through the office at 941-953-6620. A link will be sent to you after you register.

Infinite Insights

We all have to cope with negative conditions that sometimes occur in life. We need to learn to deal with them in faith and trust rather than in fear. We must believe that these situations will improve and that help is at hand.

Negative thoughts always make matters far worse than they really are. The more often we express negation, the worse we feel. Negative thinking makes us feel downhearted and empty which affects our strength and energy. If we do not feel like doing anything or going anywhere, we withdraw even from those closest to us. Feelings and attitudes have a very strong effect upon us, so it is wise to think good, positive thoughts.

Much of the news reported in newspapers and on radio and television is negative. Sometimes we are drawn into that negation and lose faith in the world at large, but we must not lose faith in the angels. Whatever our problems, we should know that the angels will help keep everything under control so there will be nothing to fear or worry about. It is important to be positive and happy and to keep a strong, firm belief in Spiritual Law. Positive thinking and visualization will lead us forward to bright and cheerful things.

The body is like a sponge that absorbs the vibrations around us. We often create negative vibrations ourselves and if we are with negative people, we are apt to respond by absorbing their negation. We can counteract these vibrations by affirming that things will be better and by saying, “I am not going to worry. I look forward to receiving the highest and best of everything.” With those words we will counteract negative vibrations.

Each of us has work to do. Greet the day with a smile and a happy thought and feeling. Be glad to be alive. Be grateful that there are more opportunities to express only good and positive things in life. This is our mission in life and we should consider it a duty. Let us have faith and look for the best things in life. As we create only the best things possible, only the best will return to us.

~You are loved.~

Sarasota Center of Light Celebration of Spirit Fundraiser Concert Event

Thursday, October 15 at 7pm on Facebook Live
Come be a part of an event that helps us make a difference in the lives of all of us. There will be exciting and inspirational music from The Saint Tone Duo, Todd Edmonds and Gwen Griffin. Special Guests, Prize Giveaways, Trivia Contests, a Grand Prize and lots of fun. You will have the opportunity to call in your donations or donate online and have your name entered into the giveaways. This will be a great time to enjoy some great music, win some prizes and help us raise funds to help our center and spiritual community.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/sarasotalight
under Videos to join us for the fundraiser

Education Committee

Blessings to everyone. Holding all of you the safety and wellness energy of the divine. Although we are not public, we continue to schedule classes. In September and October we have new teachers joining us. Our own Ranie Brothers taught her first class with us in September. Alexandria Mezzarino taught classes on her own and joined me co-facilitating a class. Dr. Tatiana Huguenin will be teaching in October. A variety of local and guest teachers and presenters will be joining us as we schedule classes for the rest of the year.

If you have a desire to teach a class please contact Rev. Jim and he will get you the required paperwork to submit your proposal. We would love to have you share your energy, knowledge and experience with us.

Most of our classes are all currently being offered on Facebook live. You are able to go to this link https://www.facebook.com/sarasotalight and join us for a class or view other classes already recorded there. The last class in October will be offered on Zoom. This will require purchasing a ticket ahead of time and receive an invitation to the class. The ticket can be purchased through the calendar page of our website. When you do it will notify us and we will e-mail you or text you an invitation link to join the class. Any questions please check with Tina in the office.

Facebook Live classes in October will be Living Authentically with Rev Jim, Tues, 10/6 at 7pm and The Holy Trinity of Healing in Time of COVID with Dr. Tatiana Huguenin, Sat 10/24 at 330pm. Transforming Inspiration Into Intuition will be offered by Rev Jim, Tues, 10/27, 7pm on Zoom.

As you all know, we have a large campus with many properties, buildings and a garden. Any contributions or donations are greatly appreciated at this time. Know that you are able to go to our website and donate on our donate page https://www.sarasotacenteroflight.com/donate/, call our office
Mon – Fri 9am – 12pm or mail a check to 2710 Browning Street, Sarasota, FL 34237.

If there is anything we can do to support you please contact the office at (941)-953-6620 or churchoffice@sarasotacenteroflight.com or Rev. Jim directly at (941)-330-5031 or revjimtoole@gmail.com.

Healing Team

We thank all of our healers for being channels of healing energy and the Divine Power, and being of service at the center offering distance healing during this time. We all continue to hold the energy of the Divine for each and all that are in need.

We are excited to share that in addition to sending energy to you healing requests, we will be offering one on one phone and Zoom healing sessions with our healers. These will be by appointment with a love offering of $10 for phone sessions and $20 for Zoom sessions.

We are here to support you in your health and well-being. Whether you are facing a physical challenge or otherwise, we are here for you in your daily life. We are always available to send energy, healing and inspiration. Please contact Ranie Brothers, our healing coordinator, with any questions you might have.

You can send your prayer, blessing and healing requests to SCOLhealing@gmail.com. Your requests will be sent confidentially to our healing team, who will send unconditional Love and Light to each of them. Our healers are dedicated to be there with the healing you need. Someone is always there for you. Let us know how we can support you.

Hands of Light

On Saturday, September 26th, a small group of healers assembled in the garden for the sole purpose of recharging the battery of the church. It was very uplifting and inspiring, which then resulted in awakening the enthusiasm of our volunteers.

We feel that this time spent apart has enabled all of us to reflect on our commitment to the church. Our role as volunteers are even more pronounced at this time and have elevated our desire to become involved again, of course in the safest way possible.

If anyone on our team has any ideas, or needs any help, please contact us and know that we are here for each other.

We look forward to the day when our church doors open and welcome us back, rejuvenated, revitalized and ready!!!

Sherry Brune & LaVerne Duff

Your Contributions and Donations Are Needed

We have not been able to gather in person for several months. Not only have we lost our sources of income, there has been a significant reduction in our donations the further we proceed into this time of change.

We humbly and graciously ask for your donations at this time. We understand each of you have been affected differently by his pandemic. All donations, no matter the size, are helpful. Thank you to those that have given and to those that will.

You are able to go to our website and donate securely on our donate page, call the office 9am -12pm Mon – Fri and you can mail a check to the office at 2710 Browning St, Sarasota, FL 34237. All donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to discuss Giving Plans or remember SCOL in your Will, please email us. For your Giving Planning, our Tax Identification number is: 65-0501429. Thank you for empowering us to share Metaphysical Spirituality with many!

Please contact Rev. Jim with any questions you might have at revjimtoole@gmail.com or 941-330-5031.

Be well, Be Safe and Blessings to all.

Rev. Jim and all of at Sarasota Center of Light

2020 Sarasota Center of Light Board

President: Linda Viddish
Vice President:
Secretary: Ranie Brothers
Treasurer: Jeffrey Lambert
Trustee (3yr.): Edward Muniz
Trustee (2yr.): Jeff Rosenthal
Trustee (1yr.): Sherry Brune
Senior Pastor: Rev. Jim Toole

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