Our Campus

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As you enter our sanctuary you will feel the welcoming energy and warm ambience of this inspirational and sacred space. You will notice its contemporary style accented by wood beamed cathedral ceilings and stained-glass windows. Most of all you will immediately feel at home.

Davis Hall

Our hall is open and well lit. The stage transforms the hall into a theater or presentation venue. Many weddings, gatherings, workshops, dances and classes are enjoyed by our congregation and those who rent Davis Hall. The large double kitchen has areas to prepare, stage and set up for events light food prep. This central building is a wonderful place of connection and community for our center.

Learning Center

Education is a vital part of our mission and our Learning Center is frequently filled with teachers, facilitators and students eager to explore and discover spiritual truth. The main room holds our classes, while a smaller intimate room is set aside for one-on-one counseling, readings and healing.

Flexer Healing Chapel

The laminate wood floor, decor and candles create an environment perfect for yoga or tai chi, movement, meditation, one-on-one meeting or a class. This serene, simple and elegant space is frequently used for healing sessions and counseling by our ministers and congregants.

Healing Garden

Our Healing Garden is picturesque and beautiful, filled with flowers, trees, bushes and bamboo. Our paver walkways our accented by sitting benches and lead to a central fountain. It is a peaceful and energized place to sit quietly and meditate, take in nature and take in a deep breath of fresh air. We frequently have celebrations and dedications within this open, exquisite garden.

Spirit Chapel

This Chapel is reserved and has been used only for sacred and spiritual activities for decades. Thousands of spirit communication classes, lectures and stances held within it has energized our Spirit Chapel. We are blessed to have this special space to connect with Spirit.

New Here?

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