September 2019 Focus Newsletter

September 2019 Focus Newsletter

The Balance of Being – You by Rev. Jim Toole

Each moment of our lives is an opening we can walk through that offers the opportunity to make a difference within ourselves, our lives and in the world. Whether we remain the same, following the patterns and habits we have already established, or we surrender into the flow of our spirit and inner knowing, determines level of our soul’s expression and the fulfillment of our purpose.

In each moment, the pendulum can swing from one extreme of what was to the other of what can be. Beyond that time references of the past and the future, the choices we make in our spiritual evolution have less to do with time and more to do with how we use our divine will. It is through the surrender into our divinity that we will be guided to BE rather than DO, as we find the balance point of peace and freedom in the present moment.

The need to know causes our mind to pursue the understandings that seem to make life meaningful. Our beliefs are important to us in the structure through which we express our self and a practical way in our lives. To truly be the YOU that you are, it is a vital that you release into the natural flow of the expression of All That Is that You are. In this flow, you are in balance, and what you need to know will be revealed to you as you arrive in this now moment of truth, this moment of You.

By trusting ourselves as Spirit, having a spiritual experience as a human being, we open into the true nature of our soul’s reflection into our human “doing,” transforming us into an expression and therefore, an experience that is more balanced and harmonious. It is by embracing our human being with our Spirit that we bring our highest into our deepest, bringing the pendulum of life to rest at that still and peaceful point where everything is possible.

Trust your soul, open your heart, and feel the purity of your presence and the unconditional nature of your divine love to set you free into the center of you, where the balance of your human and spiritual being creates the wholeness, peace, freedom and inspiration that allows you to experience The Balance of Being – You.

September Classes, Workshops, and Events

Sept. 4, Wednesday, Healers Healing Healers 6:00 p.m. Sanctuary.

Sept. 7, Saturday, Psychic Saturday, 10:30-1:00 p.m., 15 minute Readings-$20. Vibrational Healing-love donation. Davis Hall and Flexer Healing Chapel.

Sept. 8, Sunday, Coffee Hour after both services.

Sept. 13, Friday, How and Why We Do Mediumship with Carolan Carey. 7:30-9:00 p.m. Learn what mediumship is and how it works. Discover the inspiration and healing it offers and its role in the grief process. Explore this wonderful and powerful connection to Spirit and the differences it makes in so many lives. All are welcome. $15. Learning Center.

Sept. 17, Tuesday, Intro To Ascension with Rev. Jim Toole. 7:00-9:00 p.m. Learn what ascension is and the powerful and important pathway it is for you, your life and the world. Get to know and get acquainted with masters, ascended masters, angels, archangels and so many others that play a vital role in transformation of each of us, all of us and planet. This will be information and experiential introduction workshop. All are welcome. $15. Learning Center.

Sept. 21, Saturday, Fall Equinox Dances of Universal Peace – ‘Honoring the Light Within’ with Susan Slack. 7:00-8:30 p.m. The Dances combine the joy of folk dancing, kirtan chanting and meditation. Phrases from world traditions are lovingly taught along with simple steps. A group ceremony that taps into the peace and harmony that is present everywhere if we only take a moment to see. No experience required. $15. Davis Hall.

Sept. 24, Tuesday, Introduction to the Acutonics® Healing Method with Pam Jones. 7:00-8:30 p.m. Learn about the Acutonics® Healing System. Discover how we hear sound not only with our ears and the growing recognition of the profound effect that sound and music play in therapy and healing. Explore harmonizing and balancing the body, psyche and soul to reconnect with the cycles of nature and the cosmos. $15. Learning Center.

Fridays, Developing Consciousness with Rev. Jim, 6:00-7:15pm, Center, $10 love donation. Enjoy a time of connection, checking in with each other, discussing spiritual topics and joining in a channeled meditation. All are welcome.

President’s Message

Gratitude. The Center is experiencing gratitude for the loving kindness shared in the community, for the inspiring talks and messages, for the abundance we experience through our campus and garden. We give thanks to Lise Frank, classical pianist, who donated the proceeds of her concert and brought musical genius to the Sanctuary.

Stewardship is accepting the responsibility and caring for that which has been given to us. Being stewards of the Metaphysical teachings and the properties owned by the Sarasota Center of Light is our responsibility and honor. Serving as stewards requires that we are knowledgeable about the overall operations and ongoing needs of the Center. Stewardship is exhibited in many ways: volunteering for committees, assistance at services, financial contributions, healing, attendance at services and events, to name just a few.

On September 8th a special meeting has been called by the Board to request voting member approval to sell one of our residential properties. This is a critical decision which the Board does not take lightly. It is so important for our members to come to that meeting and learn why the Board is recommending such an action. We welcome your questions and suggestions to determine the best course of action for the Center. A Fact Sheet is available which provides background information to assist in your decision making process. Please take the time to study the information.

Joining you as good stewards in peace and harmony,

With peace and blessings,
Joan Volpe

New Members

We would like to congratulate the newest members of Sarasota Center of Light:

Sherrie Albrecht, Janet Delp, Lorraine Loughran, Kara Pasick and Kay Ticen.

We welcome all of you into our Spiritual Family!

Healing Ministry

We thank all of our healers for being channels of healing energy and being of service at the center. Our intermediate healing class curriculum is in full swing. Refresher and advanced healing classes are to be scheduled this fall. Anyone interested in learning about basic or intermediate healing please contact Phyllis Lambert or Rev. Jim.

We will be having a healers meeting on Sept 22 after the morning service, Join us for the connection, fellowship and great discussion. Healers, please be sure to set this time aside in your schedule. Your attendance is appreciated and important to the healing ministry.

We are here to support you in your health and well-being. Whether you are facing a physical challenge or otherwise, we are here for you in your daily life. We are always available to send energy, healing and inspiration.

Anyone who would like to receive healing may call or email the Center office or go to the contact page of our website. Rev. Lisa Johnson oversees this process. Our healers are dedicated to be there with the healing you need. Someone is always there for you. Let us know how we can support you.

Hands of Light

The August coffee hour was a beach themed farewell to Catherine Kalua and was a huge success. Thank you to all who participated in the beautiful “Aloha” to Catherine.

September coffee hour will be on September 1st. We hope to see everyone there!

Founder’s Day 70th Anniversary will be on November 3rd after the AM service. It will include a Peace Pole Dedication as well as a potluck luncheon and other events. A sign-up sheet will be available soon in the Sanctuary. Cake will be served at both services to celebrate.

Elegant Evening with Spirit on November 16th is underway with tickets going on sale the first week of September. Please join us for an evening with spirit messages and much more including delicious appetizers and elegant desserts.

Collections of food, clothing, etc. are still being delivered to Stillpoint Mission and Everyday Blessings and are greatly appreciated.

The Hands of Light team (not a ladies only group) is recruiting new members to join us in our endeavors to bring fun and social events to the Center. Anyone who would like to lend their expertise or support to the group in any capacity is always welcome. We meet monthly on the 3rd Sunday at 5:30 in Davis Hall before the evening service.

All are Welcome

Education Committee

Autumn is almost upon us and we have much to celebrate. Sarasota Center of Light will show our gratitude for what we have harvested with a special program on September 21st called Dances of Universal Peace. Join leader Susan Slack for interactive movement and song based upon sacred world traditions. Often called moving meditation, live musicians will guide your steps. Dances of Universal Peace provide a space for healing ourselves and the Universe.

On September 24th we have the pleasure of offering a type of sound healing called Acutonics® to be taught by Pam Jones, RN and Reiki Master. Experience the natural healing with sound that occurs all around us.

On September 1st we shall begin the sales for Elegant Evening to be held on November 16th. Learn more about this delightful, inspirational evening of spirit messages, delicious deserts and treats, and good company.

The Education Committee is pleased to announce that we will be hosting medium Bill Coller at the end of October. This gifted medium is returning by popular request. Please watch for announcements of Bill’s workshops and appointments for individualized readings.

For the first time Mark Anthony, the attorney medium, will be visiting the Center on December 13th for an evening of spirit communication and also on the 14th for a workshop. Mark’s books will be on sale starting in November, if you wish to familiarize yourself with his work. We hope you will join us.

Joan Volpe,

Infinite Insights
You don’t get very far in life if you don’t believe in yourself. Everyone should know that he is a part of the Whole and that means you’re not left out. There are opportunities out there that if you don’t go in search of them and ask for them or work toward, they will never come your way. Just hoping they will is not enough. You must visualize what you want, within reason, and you will receive the help.

The doors of opportunity will open but you still have to make decisions. You can’t change your mind constantly as to what you want and don’t want. Sometimes people are determined to have and do what they want. You must advance your thinking and let go of the things that are dragging you down or interfering with your progression. People cheat themselves out of blessings, progress, and prosperity because they refuse to let go of the old way or refuse to consider new thoughts.

If you’re in a good environment where you’re really happy, not just satisfied, you can be satisfied with almost anything but not happy. There are some who will say, “Well, I don’t think I want that; I think I’ll just stay where I’m at. I’ll just go on doing what I’m doing.” Those are thoughts that just close the door to your Law of Abundance and so you don’t progress. The responsibility is on your shoulders and in your mind.

There are people who are just the opposite. They don’t use good common sense. They visualize the advancement but they try to get ahead of themselves before they are ready to handle the things that they want. You’ve got to exercise intelligence in every step of the way.

If you know what’s right for you and you’re not ready for it, still hold the thought and the prayer that five years down the road it can still be there for you; but if you force it, try to bring it into your life before you’re qualified and financially ready, you can’t make a go of it. Then you’ve got the disappointment of losing a lot that would otherwise be of benefit to you.

So people have to understand how to live, how to make decisions, how to prepare themselves and what’s good, right, and beneficial now and will be in the future.

You are loved.

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