September Focus Newsletter 2018

September Focus Newsletter 2018

The Spirit of Summer by Rev. Jim Toole

With September arriving, summer comes to an end. It is a time to celebrate the energy and dynamic of this season of Spirit as it leads us to the harvest time of the Fall. We are able to experience and express the light, depth, beauty and creation it offers to our heart and soul.

The summer is a time of outside activities, taking in all the day has to offer and to express the freedom of our joy and playfulness. It also holds opportunities for discovery, growth and creation. It represents the awakening of life in nature and within us.

Just as the flowers and trees take in the life energy and brilliance of the sun, we take in the beauty and radiance of Spirit. The sun urges seeds to break through their outer shells to bring forth their true nature within them and the trees to deepen their roots and reach for the skies in their growth.

The reflection of Spirit through us and as us, awakens our soul’s purpose and presence to be expressed and fulfilled. As we feel the inspiration within, we deepen our connection of our earthly experience and open to grow and expand our being upward and outward into life.

As we face and overcome challenges and difficulties, we break the “shell” of limitations and perceptions to share who we are, making a difference, not only in our lives but in the world. Just as the flowers bloom and blossom, and the trees bear their fruit, we bring the inner beauty of our heart and soul into our life and manifest what our Spirit has sought to create.

Look within and listen to that inner calling of your heart’s desire and soul’s purpose, opening to the beauty of nature all around you and the inspiration of Spirit near and within you. You have “planted seeds” on your spiritual path that seek to spring to life through your connection with God, Source, The Divine, All That Is. Allow this season of growth to produce a bountiful harvest of your soul’s expression and fulfillment by surrendering to and being embraced by The Spirit of Summer.
Have a Happy Labor Day!

President’s Message

New and familiar FACES!! The faces of Spirit show up on Sundays and Wednesdays to share hearts, minds, and love at our services. There is an excitement each time we gather. Speaking for the Board, we welcome each and every one of you. We delight in meeting folks new to us and we smile in recognition to those who continue to worship and support Sarasota Center of Light.

September brings transition. The summer Education Empowerment series will be coming to a close, thanks to all the presenters and the fall season brings new thought and heightened consciousness. Please watch for the visiting mediums who will be coming in October and November.

Life around the Center is bustling with activity and excitement. The Vision and Mission of Sarasota Center of Light are planned for adoption at the September Board meeting. Thank you to all who provided insight and feedback throughout this process.

Our Vision is our dream and reads as follows:
A world awakened to the Love and Light of Spirit.

Our mission describes how we shall actualize the dream and becomes a gift given by all congregants of Sarasota Center of Light to one another and the community.

Our Mission reads as follows:
We support individuals on their spiritual path in a loving community through
metaphysical principles, mediumship, healing, education and music.

Wishing you love and blessings,
Joan Volpe

Bylaw Review Committee (Sept. 2018 Article)

The Board’s Bylaw Review Committee is revisiting the Bylaws that serve the Center’s unique needs and guide how we do business. The Committee obtained members’ input through two Workshops on April 15, and a written Questionnaire submitted by members who chose to provide their input on the Bylaws. The Board and Committee thanks each Member who took the time to submit their Questionnaire by the May 13 deadline. The Committee reviewed those completed Questionnaires and has developed potential Bylaw changes, as the next step in the process. Any changes to the Bylaws would be first reviewed by the Board, and then presented for approval by the voting membership at a future Special Meeting or the Annual Meeting.

If members wish to provide further input or have questions, please reach out to Bob Sadler, Committee Chair (email or any of the other Committee members.

Thanks From Your Marketing Team

SCOL was a shining example of warm welcoming energy on Sunday, August 19 as we greeted Tamara Vaughn for her return to our community. If you were here and participated in the morning service or attended a powerful workshop on the PowerShift Principle afterward, you know what kind of joyous and creative contributions she brings to all whose life she touches. It was a pleasure to see Tamara again and the great news is that we are planning more appearances for her in coming months. Thanks for a wonderful reunion, Tammy!

On Monday, September 10th at 4:00 pm, one hour before our next Board meeting begins, a marketing brainstorming session is scheduled for the purpose of developing ideas and strategies to increase our reach into the greater Suncoast community. And you are invited! What SCOL has to offer is a Metaphysical Spirituality of lifelong value and wide appeal. Now is the time to step forward with big bold ideas to move us forward in an auspicious way. With your inspiration and applied focus we will continue to go and grow, strive and thrive. If you can attend the session, please call Tina at the office so we can save a seat for you. Bring your bright ideas and join us!

Looking ahead to October, we eagerly anticipate the first-ever appearance at our Center of Medium and Spiritual Teacher Vincent Genna. He has a burgeoning international reputation and a fondness for Florida so we invited him to come on down from his home in Raleigh, North Carolina, to share his versatile gifts with us. More news on the arrival of this remarkable gentleman will be announced soon.

Have a great end-of-summer and get set to say hello to Autumn by being a part of the action at SCOL. You are much respected and genuinely loved here!

Thanks and Blessings,
Gary Mantz
Vice-President, SCOL Board of Directors

September Classes, Workshops, and Events

Sept. 1st, Saturday, Psychic Saturday, 10:30-1:00pm, 15 minute Readings – $20. Vibrational Healing – love donation. Gift certificates available. Davis Hall and Flexer Healing Chapel.

Sept. 2nd, Sunday, Coffee Hour, join us in Davis Hall after the a.m. or p.m. service.

Sept. 5th, Wednesday, Healers Healing Healers, 6:00pm, Sanctuary.

Sept. 8th Saturday, Premier to Series: The Choices We Make: A Metaphysical Perspective of the Law of Attraction with Bob Neeley. 3:00-5:00pm. This is an open format to discuss the Law of Attraction with the focus being on personal responsibility for co-creation. Learning Center. Love Offering

Sept. 10th, Monday, Board Meeting, 5:00pm, Office. Sarasota Center of Light members only. Please call the office to reserve a seat.

Sept. 13th, Thursday, The Despacho Ceremony with Joan Volpe. 7:00-9:00pm. The Despacho Ceremony is a traditional form of energy exchange for healing and for creating ayni (right relationship) with others and the Universe. Learning Center. $20 – Preregistration is required.

Sept. 22nd, Saturday, Making Life Changes with Rev. Jim Toole. 3:00-5:00pm. An informative, experiential and inspirational workshop. Explore ways to identify where you are in your life, what holds you there, how to change old patterns, release past pain and techniques to change you and your life. Learning Center. $15.

Sept. 25th, Tuesday, Zen Monk, Chong An Sunim, visiting from Hungary, will be presenting a Dharma Talk. 7:00-9:00pm. Sanctuary. Love Offering

Sept. 27th, Thursday, Shamanic Journey with Diana Mier. 7:00-8:30pm. This is an interactive experience that adds to our ever-expanding knowledge of our limitless universe. Learning Center. $20 – Preregistration is required.

Fridays, Developing Consciousness with Rev. Jim, 6:00-7:15pm, Ed. Center, $10 love donation. Enjoy a time of connection, checking in with each other, discussing spiritual topics and joining in a channeled meditation. All are welcome.

Ed Team

The Summer Self-Empowerment series is coming to a close, having had a most successful showing. The classes and workshops covered a wide range of topics with 9 presenters. Self-Empowerment took the form of meditation to improve health, self-healing techniques and beliefs grounded in various cultures, inspirational classes to reawaken consciousness, exploration of soul purpose and a foundation of metaphysical beliefs, to name a few. A review of the class evaluations indicated the classes were well attended, almost all having 8 or more participants, with a few having almost 20 attendees. Over 88% of the participants reported that the classes and workshops were highly effective, informative, and had good quality presenters. The Education Committee will certainly consider repeating a summer series next year.

We wish to thank all the presenters and the coordinators who helped make these events so successful. We also want to recognize and thank our committee member, Elaine Rhoden, for designing the flyers and helping to restructure and organize the paperwork in order to improve the process of our educational programs from start to completion.

The ongoing classes of mediumship and healing willl continue in various formats throughout the year. We look forward to unveiling the plans for the educational program in the fall, including a visiting medium new to the Sarasota Center of Light in October—Vincent Genna and the return of a medium dear to us, Bill Coller.

With love and blessings to you
Joan Volpe, Chair

Hands of Light

Dear Members and Friends,

At our last meeting your Helping Hands Team discussed and decided to help a family mission located in Bradenton. The mission is Steelpoint Mission. A Hands of Light team member is active in the mission’s role to help less fortunate and homeless families.

HOL would appreciate any household items (no electronics), baby items, children’s books (pre-school through elementary) and clothing (clean and unstained).

Please feel free to speak with any Hands of Light team member or contact Laura Horn at 941-302-3289.

Hands of Light meet on the last Sunday of each month in Davis Hall before evening service at 5:30. All are welcome.

Healing Ministry

We wish to thank our healers for sharing their energy and light and being of service as part of our healing ministry at SCOL. We are excited to have several healing students finishing their certifications and we are planning for healing classes in the fall. Anyone interested in attending healing classes, please contact the office.
Our Healing Team is here to support you in your health and well-being. Whether you are facing a physical challenge or otherwise, we are here for you in your daily life. Do not hesitate to call upon us to be there with you and for you in what you seek to create and express. We are always available to send energy, healing and inspiration.
Anyone who would like to receive healing may call or email the Center office or go to the contact page of our website and request healing for themselves or someone else. This can be in the form of absent healing or in person. In the case of absent healing, our group of healers will be notified and will work together to send healing to each individual or situation. Rev. Lisa Johnson oversees this process. Our healers are dedicated to be there with the healing you need. Someone is always there for you.

The first Wednesday, September 5th, is dedicated to Healers Healing Healers in the Sanctuary at 6:00pm. All Certified Healers and student healers are invited to join us for this special time set aside to receive the gift of healing and to replenish our bodies and souls.

A meeting of all SCOL healers is scheduled for Sept 9th following the morning celebration in the Sanctuary. Please join us as we come together to share and strengthen the energy and expression of our healing ministry.

Blessing Bowl

Each month on the second Sunday at both services and at the Wednesday Candlelight service, a special collection is made to benefit a charitable organization. The total collected in August was $398 for the Humane Society of Sarasota County.

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