Spirit IN the Season

Spirit IN the Season

Over the years, the holidays have become more a commercial than a celebration. We begin to see Christmas decorations in the stores alongside Halloween and Thanksgiving. So often you hear Spirit of the Season during this time of year. The true essence of the holiday season is allowing Spirit into our hearts and lives.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t celebrate the joy and excitement of Christmas or our holiday of choice. Listen to the music, hear the laughter and feel the excitement of the children, as our homes, center and communities become an expression of the spirit of the season.

As we decorate our trees, light our menorah, wrap our gifts and illuminate our garden, let us be constantly in touch with the love in our hearts and the flame burning brightly of Spirit within us. In this way, everything we do during this time of year will be a reflection of our true nature and being.

As we gather with our own family and our spiritual family, let us be sure to remember those with us and in Spirit. By taking the time to remember family and friends who were once here with us, we draw their energy and love into our hearts even more this time of year. What a gift to give yourself, the warmth and embrace of all your soul family during the holidays.

As we choose each gift, let our hearts guide us while we focus on why we’re giving, not what we’re giving. By wrapping each present with the Love and Light of Spirit, we are exchanging the most valuable gift of all. Look beyond those who are near you, even strangers, and offer a smile, a kind word, and even a spontaneous gift.

By Being our Spirit during the holidays, everything we offer, receive, share and do will be filled with the energy and essence that changes our lives and those around us. Let us Deck the Halls, bring Joy to the World, share Peace on Earth and join together as a true spiritual family celebrating Spirit IN the Season.

May your holidays be filled with the true sacred and divine desires of your heart and soul.

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