Laura Horn

I was born in Chicago and raised by Italian Catholic Grandparents.  My grandmother was very intuitive and would take me to a Spiritualist Church for Laying of the Hands and Sunday Evenings for service and messages.

I wore many “Hats“… ballet instructor, accordion teacher, law enforcement, loss prevention investigations, inventory control, and business owner.  In between I was a wife and mother of 3.

In 2000 and 2001 my life’s journey took a sharp took a sharp turn when my oldest daughter and husband returned to spirit. In 2006 I came to Florida. Three months later I met my husband, Bob. We married 6 months later.

I passed SCOL almost daily driving down Tuttle Ave. I remembered my childhood trips to a spiritualist church. I attended a Sunday service, sang a familiar song and was inspired.

Today, I am at SCOL as a member with so many friends. I work on my mediumship with the goal to bring peace to others through spirit messages. I am active in Psychic Saturday and the Healing Program.  I am happy to serve SCOL as the Chairperson for Hands of Light, a team that actively plans, contributes, and works SCOL Events. I am part of the Sunday School teacher team, that works with your children.

Above all else,  I am a friend.

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