Rev. Mary Torrey

I am a Rev., a certified Medium, and a certified Spiritual Healer.  My psychic mother nurtured my psychic abilities in childhood. This early training allowed me to use my psychic and mediumship abilities throughout my 45 years in the corporate world. In 2011, I started a spiritual center of learning in the Denver, Colorado, area to teach others about meditation, psychic development, mediumship, trance mediumship, and metaphysics. Besides my mother’s training and help, I formally studied in England at the Arthur Findlay College, a well-known school for training Mediums. Also, I received professional mediumship training in the Netherlands and two American Spiritualist organizations – the Lily Dale Assembly in New York and the Indiana Association of Spiritualists at Camp Chesterfield in Indiana. All this education and experience has expanded my awareness of the available help and guidance from the Spirit World. It has also helped me to realize that the most significant contribution we can make in a lifetime is to live a loving, purposeful life of service to others

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