The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

The New Year is here! It is a time when so many of us are searching for what will make a real difference in our lives. Although each of us may have a different focus on what it means, finding your true purpose is the key to fulfillment.

Purpose may seem elusive or even mystical to some. It may not seem easy to find or understand, but it is simple: what makes your heart and soul happy. I don’t mean that in an idealistic or theoretical way. It is YOU BEING YOU, wide-open and free in everything you choose to do and BE.

It is important to remember Purpose has everything to do with what you choose to BE, not what you choose to do or achieve. Purpose is not about action, it is about your heart and soul’s dynamic being expressed in your life.

Your purpose has different levels. There is your personal purpose, close to your heart, what matters most to you. Your life purpose is your personal purpose expressed every day. Your universal purpose is the reflection of the light and vibration of your Spirit into the world. Each of these has A similar sense and feel to them, just different intensities or expressions.

What is most important is to “get in touch” within with what makes your heart sing and your Spirit dance.  A part of you that knows very well about this freedom and excitement is your inner child (don’t forget your outer child :-).  Your child like nature is innocent and open to new possibilities without limits.

As you identify your purpose and bring your attention to it, more of your Energy and Presence begins to show up in your everyday activities.  Your thoughts, feelings and decisions become more purposeful.  With your heart and soul in alignment with your purpose you ignite your flame of passion to a new level and degree.

As we enter into the New Year, join with me in establishing “A Year of Purpose” as the theme for Sarasota Center of Light for 2017.  Find your own purpose, share it and express it with us at the center, and be a part of our Center of Light sharing its purpose with the world.

May your New Year and all of 2017 be filled with a brilliance and beauty that is the reflection of your Heart and Souls Purpose into your life in every way.  Know that I am and all of us at SCOL are here to support you in any way we can. Happy New Year!


Rev Jim

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