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Meet Our Team

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Rev. Phyllis Lambert


Rev. Mary Torrey


Rev. Phyllis Lambert is a native of Sarasota. Her spiritual journey began at the age of 13 years old when she was visited by her namesake Aunt Phyllis, who had transitioned several years before. This is when her mediumship abilities became evident to her and when her relationship started with Shrine of the Master (Sarasota Center of Light). Walking home from school she would pass the healing garden and most days she would enter the garden to find solace and a place to meditate. Here she developed a strong connection to Spirit. Phyllis knew from her experiences in the garden that metaphysical spirituality would be a guiding light in her life.  Hence she trusted she would be shown a path of service. She was guided to study the psyche of the human condition. So she embarked on getting her degree in Psychology which blended perfectly with metaphysical Spirituality. 
After a life changing event in 2012, Phyllis was drawn back to the Sarasota Center of Light and became a member in 2013 knowing this was the next step in her spiritual development. With the guidance of Spirit and her Guides she started taking classes to work on her mediumship. In 2014 she took classes to become an associate minister and in 2015 became an Associate Minister.  In 2016 she became a certified Healer and in 2018 she began her studies and training to become an ordained minister. Phyllis is a certified Medium and was Ordained as a Minister in 2020.
Her love of healing and mediumship follows what our founders Rev. Dorothy Flexer and Dr. Russell Flexer intended for our beautiful Sarasota Center of Light.

Rev Lisa Johnson|Sarasota Center of Light| Metaphysical Spirituality| Sarasota, Florida

Rev Lisa Johnson


Rev. Lisa Johnson is an ordained metaphysical/spiritualist minister, teacher, healer, and counselor who has dedicated the majority of her life to the healing arts and the study of Metaphysical Spirituality. Her training took place in London, England, where she trained first as a nurse at the prestigious St. Bart’s Hospital where she met the world-famous healer, Harry Edwards. He became her mentor and teacher and always told her that she would travel to Florida and pursue her love of teaching and healing.  Rev Lisa Johnson became an ordained minister at Sarasota Center of Light in 2013.

Rev. Mary is a Minister, Medium, and Healer passionate about helping others realize “we don’t die.” She loves to share valuable tools and insights for connecting to the Spirit World through her classes, talks, readings, and healing sessions.

Besides the psychic training Rev. Mary received from her mother, she formally studied mediumship at the famous Arthur Findlay College in England.  She received additional professional mediumship training from de Zwanenhof in the Netherlands and two American Spiritualist organizations: Lily Dale Assembly in New York and the Indiana Association of Spiritualists at Camp Chesterfield.

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Rev Marie Rowe


Rev. Marie Herald Rowe is an ordained Metaphysical/Spiritualist Minister, healing practitioner, teacher, and spiritual counselor.  After having originally joined the Shrine of The Master Church in Tampa in 1965, and her little family moving to Sarasota in 1968, she studied under the Revs. Dorothy and Dr. Russell Flexer earning Healing, Counseling, and Speaking certifications.  She has taught healing and intuitive development classes from basic to advanced for over 50 years and continues to teach in Sarasota at Sarasota Center of Light


Rev Tom Newman

Pastor Emeritus

Tom Newman is the past Senior Minister / Executive Director of the Sarasota Center of Light, in Sarasota, Florida, a role he served in for 17 years. Tom has taught extensively at the Sarasota Center of Light and at Lily Dale Spiritualist Community in Casadaga, New York, England and at several locations in Florida, Virginia, Denver and Santa Fe. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, an MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

Karin_Strauss 2015.jpg

Karin Strauss

Associate Minister

Karin is a long-time member of SCOL.  She grew up in the Center and studied under their founder Rev. Dorothy Flexer, then Rev. Donald Dugar, Rev. Tom Newman, and many others.
Karin's passionate mediumistic abilities to counsel, teach, and assist is profound.  Her love and dedication to the after-life brings deep connections and insight and knowledge to all those that she works with.  She continuously studies metaphysics to develop herself and extend her wisdom to others wishing to connect with their loved ones in spirit.


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