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Our History

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Our Founders

Sarasota Center of Light (SCOL) when started in 1949 was named Shrine of the Master. It was founded by Rev. Dorothy and Dr. Russell Flexer, a husband and wife team of Spiritualist ministers and mediums. The church evolved from the Spiritualist Episcopal Church, the parent organization that the Flexers belonged to in the early days of their ministry. In 1958, the Flexers created a new denomination and called it Metaphysical Christianity.

The Flexers’ goals and dreams for Shrine of the Master were to bring to people an awareness of understanding of spiritual truth that was both spiritual and could be applied to everyday life. These teachings are offered clearly and simply and can be used by anyone regardless of their level of understanding or experience. Primary subjects taught were and continue to be Healing, Meditation, Spirit Communication, Mediumship Development, Spiritual Law, and interpretation of biblical teachings.

Rev. Dorothy Flexer|Sarasota Center of Light| Metaphysical Spirituality| Sarasota, Florida

Rev. Dorothy Flexer

Dr. Russell Flexer|Sarasota Center of Light| Metaphysical Spirituality| Sarasota, Florida

Dr. Russell Flexer


SCOL celebrated its 68 year anniversary on November 4, 2017.

Our Philosophy

As our philosophy evolved and in response to the ever-changing view and interpretation of spirituality, we were inspired to take a closer look at how we expressed ourselves as a church. In 2010 we chose to change the name of our denomination from Metaphysical Christianity to Metaphysical Spirituality, and the name Shrine of the Master to Sarasota Center of Light.

Metaphysical Spirituality is a way of life built upon the spiritual principles of life and embraces the teachings of all Master Teachers. Key expressions within our philosophy are Healing and Spirit Communication. We believe in personal responsibility and the fact that we determine the conditions of our lives through our thoughts and actions.

Through the guidance of Spirit and many who have served the church over the decades, Shrine of the Master has evolved into a “Center of Light,” a beacon that shines brightly allowing individuals to discover, express, and experience their own connection with Spirit and God.


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