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Every part of your life’s experience should be lived with gratitude, love, and understanding. The aim of life should be to

fill every moment of each day with something worthwhile. In other words, your goal should be to really live rather than to simply exist.

To live your life fully, you must first understand your value – your worth. Too many people have too small an opinion of themselves. Consequently, they think that it is not worthwhile to get involved in various projects or to develop their talents. And, because they constantly belittle themselves, they never express the full capacity of their inner being.

You begin to really live when you finally discover who and what you are as far as character, personality, and conduct are concerned. When you begin to live, you draw friends to you and you include others in your life. More readily, you begin to share, give, and serve. When these same good things are returned to you by action of spiritual law, gratitude grows within your heart and soul. This is “thanks-living.” Every breath then has within it the vibration of thanks and gratitude. And, thus, by the Law of Attraction, more positive things come to you.

“Thanks-living” is like “praise-giving.” As you give life to beautiful thoughts of gratitude and peace, you magnify conditions that will bring you more of that joy. Once you have discovered “thanks-living,” you will agree that it is the only way to live. The combination of thanks-living and praise-giving will ensure you inner peace and will encourage you to face the world. You won’t talk about poverty and recession or sickness, hatred, and confusion. Rather, you will be living as you should be – expressing delight in love, truth, and understanding, and sharing all that you are and all that you have. As you do these things, you will magnify the wonderful opportunities that will come to you.

If you live in harmony with the spiritual laws, you will survive any depression or any sickness of the mind and body that leave so many other people scarred. You will be able to carry whatever burden may be yours. You will be able to accept it and think of it as only a temporary condition that can and will be resolved.

Looking to the divine source of power for your strength, your healing, hour guidance, and your inspiration, you will soon work out every situation. You will find yourself all the better for having had each experience. Don’t overlook the many blessings that are yours. Unite your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes to emphasize thanks-living and praise-giving. Every day will then be “Thanksgiving Day” filled with blessings, peace, and happiness.

~ You are loved. ~

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