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The Voices of Spirit; Teachings of the Angels is SCOL’s first CD release and an excellent addition to your spiritual library! It is a series of profound Master Talks conveying love, wisdom and guidance by Master Teachers in the Spirit World. These unique recordings from the mid 1970’s through the late 1990’s are by way of co-founder, Rev. Dorothy G. Flexer and her successor, Rev. Don Dugar (following her transition in 1996), via extremely rare Trumpet Mediumship. The intention in providing these Master Talks is to bring inspiration, teachings of spiritual truths and philosophy that could be used to help people with the challenges of everyday life. This material is produced and presented with love and gratitude by SCOL Press, the publishing entity of Sarasota Center of Light, Sarasota, Florida, USA. We invite you to listen with an open heart and mind. For additional information on our rich history, click About Us.

One may ask the question, “Why would beings from the Spirit World want to communicate with people on the Earth?” The answer is “Because they want to give us insight into understanding our purpose in life.”  In honoring each individual’s power of choice, our Spirit Guides and Teachers will not give us the answers to the challenges we face. That would be equivalent to doing our homework for us. So they bring advice and suggestions that will help us to find our own answers. The process of Spirit communication also reinforces the understanding that life continues after the moment of physical death and that there is nothing to fear from the life in the Spirit World. It is our honor to bring these words of wisdom to you.


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