Sarasota Center of Light

What is Metaphysical

Metaphysical Spirituality is a way of awakening a connection to the inspiration and guidance of Spirit. It blends and unifies science, philosophy and spiritual principles as a way of life.

We live by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We believe in the healing power of God and communicating with Spirit.

Each of us is an individualized expression of God. As a spiritual community, we are a Center of Light that expresses the Love and Light of Spirit into the world.

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Vision Statement

A world awakened to the Love and Light of  Spirit.

Mission Statement

We support individuals on their spiritual path in a loving community through metaphysical principles, mediumship, healing, education and music.

Wednesday Candlelight Healing Service – 7:00 PM

Wednesday evening is dedicated to healing. Receive a Vibrational Healing and join us in a guided meditation. We share our energy and intentions...


Sunday Evening Celebration – 7:00 PM

Our evening service is special for the Spirit communication offered by our Pastor, Rev. Jim Toole, one of our mediums, or a guest medium...


Sunday Morning Celebration – 10:30 AM

We celebrate life in a morning church service that features Vibrational Healing followed by singing, music, a guided meditation…


“We welcome everyone to join us”

We are a warm and welcoming and spiritual community and I invite you to experience the uplifting, inspiring energy and dynamic of our center. Services, events, classes, social gatherings, visiting mediums/presenters and workshops are scheduled ongoing and year round.

Metaphysical Spirituality is an inclusive philosophy, embracing the teachings of all master teachers. People of many faith’s are part of our spiritual family. Our mission and vision is to provide a sanctuary for spiritual growth and the discovery of spiritual truth. Each of you has your own purpose in life and we are here to support you in fulfilling it.

Join us for one of our services or gatherings, or feel free to connect with us through our Contact Page or request a phone call from myself or one of our ministers. All are welcome.

Rev Jim

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